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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


It's not easy to be me

The story you tell yourself is a lie:

It’s a lie that they don’t care about you until you know for absolute certain. It’s a lie that they even should care about you until they do. Examine the sad sob-story you tell yourself before you believe it.

  • 2017.01.27 Friday
  • 22:56



It's been awhile. I no longer see a blog as something that I used to keep all my memories now since I sort of put some notes here and there.

Things have been pretty crazy lately. So many stuff happened within this year.

I bought a new laptop which makes it easier to update the blog compare to the last laptop where everything loads slowly.

The thing is , this blog is very old. There are so many memories in here, so might just continue to write even something stupid here.

Well, for a starter, I'm in Indonesia now. I am still working in that American company in Japan although not with the same motivation - as the thing has sort of turn upside down.

I only have a week holiday this time with wedding and engagement ceremony happening in between.

I just spend 29 hours in Bali yesterday. To attend my friend Cindy's wedding. It was pretty lonely coming there alone but I was sharing a room with this Japanese girl and she's super nice. I'm glad I went!

That's when you actually think, you will not whether it will be worth the sacristy until you actually go. lol

Going back home, this time, felt very different this time. I have to listen to the usual complaints plus how worried my parents is about me. I'm no longer young(according to them). I got to think about so many things after attending my friend's wedding yesterday. This will take a long time to consider!

I won't really let family pressure to affect me thou.

Oh well, wish me luck!

Until later!

  • 2016.09.20 Tuesday
  • 01:22



Long time no blog!
So we closed the year in peace with some of my colleague.
I went back home on the 23rd so we had this during the 22nd and I have to leave early because I had a morning flight the next day.

This are my colleagues! one of the guy will be transfer to the Germany office. It's sad but he will come back often since his family will stay in Japan for a while.

so by the time I arrived, it was already about 7 pm at night and Singapore Airlines missed my luggage so I have to spent my night without my luggage.
The plane landed late and I only have about 1 hour transit that's why.
But at least they sent it to my house the next day.

My holiday started on the 24th! I asked my sister to came and made some pancakes. Since she got married earlier this year, she's no longer live with my parents. it's a lil bit lonely but she came almost everyday lol.

and then, Ame is in the town too! we just do our usual outing plan. searching for new coffee shops.

Didn't eat though, just chatting! the drink was normal.

btw I'm amused how my dad keep yelling at me that I'm so fat right now. please...-.-

my other sister just came back yesterday and since I miss my nephew a lot, I go to her house and played with her. how naughty she is now!! still cute thou ;)

So I don't think I'll be able to blog again until next year. I wrote the good and bad things that happened in 2015 but it's on my computer probably will just post it next year!

p.s props for Mao Asada for keep battling with herself! I always get my motivation from her!! Looking forward for a year full of smile for her!


  • 2015.12.29 Tuesday
  • 11:10



Meet my new round glasses. it makes me dizzy everytime I wear it. They might not checked my degree right or I'm just not use to it? Haven't had any chance to bring it outside.

my lunch last week. it was a taiwan's soup noodle. nothing special.

went to a cafe with Ferina. love the atmosphere there. they sells superfood which is quite pricey.

not many people when we just come. but ppl just suddenly start coming even it was like 9.30 at night.

oh it's been 3 months since I started using Revitalash. it works!! but pretty slow for me. nevertheless, happy with the result. just have to be carefull cuz it does stings if it goes inside your eyes. sometimes it was itchy right after I applied it to my lashes.

while figure skate season has arrived, we just had a pretty sad day yesterday with the attacked that happened in Paris, resilting in Trophee Eric Bompard cancelation.
can't be help but it's very saddening to see the France'a skaters mourn.. they are all very sweet skaters.

Hope for a world peace. it really does start from each individual.

  • 2015.11.15 Sunday
  • 18:45



went to Dog's cafe today with Pina.

Dogs are lovely aren't they?

bought nail sticker at Loft and lovin it!
  • 2015.09.20 Sunday
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  • 2015.09.13 Sunday
  • 23:48


Germany and new job

Ya-hoooo. I went back from a week trip to Germany and started my new job right away. was so busy with all the new things but I feel blessed!

Flying with Lufthansa. It was OK. I prefer SQ better (of course...)

Arrived in Frankfurt, the trouble was waiting for me. lol
The train wasn't working for about 2 hours and I met a guy who helped me to go to another station because the announcement said (in German) that the train will go to the other station instead so I went with him.
But then we kept miss the train because the platform that the train suppose to arrived keep changing.
but really finally safely reached the main station at almost 5.30 pm.
That day I slept the day away....

The main station, where they called it Haupbanhof. Frankfurt reminds me of Melbourne a lot. The main station was dirty too. lol just like Flinders.
I think the transport in Germany start quite early at around 4 am and end at 1 or 2am. that's nice.
They dont check the ticket on any transport. not even a single ticket gate places on the station.
That's how they trust their people I guess.

This is the place called Messe, a hall for festival and there is a big shopping mall in the back too.
So many offices there.

The Euro sign in the city.

The view from the bridge. it's nice that people jogs, walk, and just enjoying the sun during the day.
The sun set really late at around 9pm.

While I just strolling on the street, they had a sunday market where people just sell anything, like really ANYTHING.
even a door knob. haha

seems like people put their 'love-lock' everywhere huh, this aint France.

The famous Romer! It was full of tourist. especially Chinese.
but I found that many Korean there as well but probably not for holiday.

MyZeil. The biggest shopping mall in Frankfurt. it isn't even that big but nice design.

Birkenstock yeah. it is made in germany so I bought it and they had a discount. it only cost me like 22 euro.

I have to say that the food in Germany is not so good. and idek why I kept wanting to eat fruits there. they have this nice pack of fruit sell everywhere in supermarket and station. oh and I ate Pretzel like every single day.
Germany is the land of Pretzel afterall!

Took the ICE train to Stuttgart to meet my friend's friend. Never meet him before but he invite me to BBQ party in his house.

But before going to his house, I visited Mercedes Benz museum.

Many people actually gather there and brought their lovely cars.
This is not the cars from the museum.

I recommend to go to this museum when you visit Stuttgart. Even if you have no interest in autocar.

Walked in the city and they had a festival there. I went there on Sunday so all the shops were closed but had a nice time to explore the church and old buildings.

The BBQ! the most delicious food that I had in Germany I guess haha.

Backed in Frankfurt, tried the restaurant.and..

This Jumbo Snitzel came out! IT was good but so greasy. I got fed up eating it.

The view from Main Tower! It was just another tower I think, nothing special.

Ha! bought the expensive shoes there. it almost killed me actually, hurts my feet SO MUCH.
I hate new shoes. lol
wonder if I can bear wearing it again. It's freaking stiff.

I found curry mango sauce in the supermarket! delish!

Spend the day around an art museum called Staedel.
They have massive amount of painting collections there. I spent about 3 hours inside. the place is huge.

The next day, I went to Mainz, only about 40 minutes from Frankfurt by normal train.
This church is really BIG.

This is the look from the side, with better lighting.

On the last 2 days, my friend joins me and we went to Heidelberg. for 3 hours. hah

We tried to use the time efficiently so we go to the famous spot - castlefirst.

Finally I got my picture in Germany. lol

very European-type castle, I wonder if people actually life there long time ago.

This picture taken from the top of another church - I cant remember the name.

with Zimin!!

watch me suffering by climbing up the stair inside the church. gosh I got headache after.

bought sunglasses too :P haven't use it.

oh and my new company is an advertising company. full of cool people and they celebrate my starting day together.
I have alot of things to catch up too. I need to study everyday but it is really interesting!! makes me wonder what have I been doing for the past 2.5 years.

I went to skate today and ate korean food after practice by myself at my fav restaurant in Shin-Okubo.
now, it's 24 hours TV time.
it's the time of the year!
  • 2015.08.22 Saturday
  • 23:01



I forgot to edit this post. it's been here for more than a month. but well!

I went to Singapore for business trip. we held a seminar in Marina Bay Sand.

The drink at the top of the building. It was so windy. I dont even know why people want to drink in such a place.

had the buffet inside the hotel. it was great but quite price ($80 i think)

The view from the top. well it was nice.

I went to the local food court with Yuqing!!

Drink the bamboo things and ate some buns! ohhhh i love local food!

eat the very chocolate ice cream it was SOOOOO GOOOD. soo choco but not to the extend that it's unbearable.

Yuqing and me!! i missed her so much!

Sentosa island from the shopping mall.

back in Japan, ate this ice cream in Omotesando, where everything are overpriced.

backed to the skating life. I actually found a new job and quitted my job by the end of the month. In the meantime I got many PTO left so I used a lot of it.
I went to the rink like 6 days in a week, 2 hours each. Feels like an athlete but I am really happy that I made progress.

and I am going to Germany soon.
  • 2015.07.14 Tuesday
  • 21:54


Busy and drained

It's been a while. I went to Indonesia for a week, for work.
But had a chance to meet Ame :D

Here is me and my ex-colleague. we went to Plaza Indonesia but running out of time before our flight so didn't get to buy anything.

Jakarta. not my favorite city.

A lot has happened in the past 1.5 months. I am emotionally drained but I am not done yet.

oh how I miss the ice....
  • 2015.06.21 Sunday
  • 17:39


Alex, just because

LOOK AT THOSE MEAT! SAMGYOPSAL!! I have lost a company to go to shin okubo now.

This was the last korean food we will have together in Tokyo T.T
She went back to Singapore for good last Wednesday.
She probably my best friend in Tokyo, thou our ages are like 7 years different,
we both enjoy cute things and exploring cute cafes.
So sad that I could not spent more time with here since I was in Hiroshima for 2 years.

The only place that we go in Shin Okubo, we can't even remember the name and its not too crowded,
food is much better than any other korean restaurant in Shin Okubo.
It is really close to our ex language school

After stuffing our face with meats and chijimi, we went to Shinjuku to see the newly open TOHO Cinema.
Even have Godzilla on it!

No meal are completed without dessert! This too is our fav cafe in Shinjuku
nice cup cakes, not too expensive.
Now it reminds me that we always go to the same places everytime we go together.
omg.. so sad.

She brought some souvernirs to me from her 1 week trip to Singapore,
well... unique as usual

This was nice but then I couldnt finish it.

bought a notebook for my skating routines. I sometimes forget what I need to practice during d-day.

My parents was here as well. so I took them around since it WAS a spring.
Oh, it's still May isn't it? it was freaking 27 degrees this afternoon. it's SUMMER.
anyway, back to the topic.

It was pretty and the weather was good. stayed for 4 hours. It was in Tachikawa,
never go there before and surprisingly close, even got isetan, takashimaya!! haha

We also went to Enoshima. I was soo confused, dont know where to bring my parents.
They doesnt seems to be very insterested in anything.
Even going there, it was no word.
Probably just want to come here to meet me, but...

Went to Koenji, this was at Tiger gyoza. was nice!

The cat donuts that I really wanna try for a long time. this is way better than hara donuts.
I kinda like Koenji now, should go there more often!

oh and my mom and me.

Dinner with Yuqing for the last time.
Shinjuku's Uoshin. It was nice kinda pricey.

Everything was nice. Eating the fish was really a pain in ass thou. too many small bones.

Baskin Robins after dinner. I finally used the voucher that I got last year.
that night, typhoon was coming to the town. she broke 1 umbrella when she went back home.
My shoes was all wet and I think I killed it?? my poor shoes.

oh, wonder why my blog's title is Alex?
I think I just got a crush.
</3 NOO
  • 2015.05.17 Sunday
  • 21:15