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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク



welcome to my sad post ( ; ; )
I still in a very sad state as I will leaving Tokyo (very) soon


I dunno why I start watching matsuzaka tori's program. he has this special dark atmosphere around him.
somehow makes me sad (especially in this kind of time)

I went to Shibuya yesterday to go watch kyou koi wo hajimemasu.
I read the manga before so I wasn't really happy with the film.

but yesterday, takei emi was there and surprisingly matsuzaka tori was on video called from osaka.
it lasted around 45 minutes, so I was quite happy to be able to see them live!

the don't allow to take pic when they both was there, but u know me :p

thanks to Pina who bought the tickets!

the christmas tree and polar bear xD

and after the movie, I thought I will have this "want to have boyfriend" feeling, but! I wasnt.
insted I became even more sad to leave Tokyo..
so when the parting time with Pina come, I was about to cry..
she's really like my partner in crime since we both love the entertainment industry.

not much time left in Tokyo, but I promise I will be back soon!
as expected, Tokyo is the place to be.
  • 2012.12.20 Thursday
  • 11:01



Hello School girl! xD
i went for lunch with Yuqing after work and decided to go purikura after!
i always want to try the cosplay .. arent we look good on it? lol

she actually still fit in uniform right? xD

after purikura, we went for a walk and found little exhibition by tim burton at biqqlo~

all the model looks good!! remind me of design student time...

i bought Gift by Mr.children!! thou i'm 4 years late, i kept listening to this song these day! it keep my motivation while i was doing job hunting.

today I went to immigration to get my visa! finally i will start my working life soon. and i start packing up.. and realized i don't really have many things.. lol

the dog nose can move xD

  • 2012.12.06 Thursday
  • 21:25


illumination 3D

hi~\(^o^)/ welcome to another illumination post xD

i went to Ueno last week with Amelia to go to market called ameyoko. it was very crowded !!

we ate this tabehodai(all you can eat) yakiniku for ?1980(i think)
it was good but we ate too much x.x

Then, went to Caretta to see their 3D illumination.

it was too crowded and there was a couple suddenly standing right in front of us and blocking our view!

luckily i wear my wedges so i stand tall like any other guys beside me.. huhuhu

The illumination

We sat on a cafe nearby and chatted a lot

sad looking christmas tree at my office lobby..
  • 2012.11.29 Thursday
  • 20:27



Hello, I went to school to inform them about my job offer, and had a good talk for 1 hour with the school staff. They helped me so much, I really appreciate it :)

btw, long post ahead. I have so many pictures to share

Went to Aoyama with Amelia. I never been there before! They had such a nice view in Autumn.

I love the maple trees :DD

So romantic.. unfortunately xD

Me and ame ;D

Then we walked to omotesando to eat and see some illumination.
wew passed this francfranc interior shop. I'm really in a mood to decorate room once I move out.

I wanted to eat chinese food but can't find any around omotesando, and we always end up at wendy's

This one in front of Omotesando. They celebrating Disney 110th anniversary so they light up illumination with Disney theme along Omotesando and Harajuku

This one is Tokyu Plaza entrance

The cute bear inside Tokyu Plaza.

anddd the illumination at Tokyu Plaza roof top

The illumination in La Foret is so normal, I don't know why don't they do something different

the next day, I went to Shinjuku with Yuqing. and we ate a lot.

The illumination in Shinjuku, it looks the same like last year thou.

The penguin. I like it last year more

But they didn't have this last year. This one is so cute xD

 They also have this last year. I saw 2 guys went under the bell.. haha.. where is the couple?

we went to Panda cafe in Asagaya. this is so cute! a must destination if you go to Tokyo.

The shop is full of panda stuffs

The food is also good. This is omelet rice, the one that Yuqing order

she and her food xD

Mine is Kima curry/taco rice. It was good! but I was super full so I kinda feel sick after.

the cure panda egg! there is a panda inside xD

everything is panda!!

This is yesterday. Went to Aoyama again but with Pina.
I saw Rola went to this cafe last time and it looks nice, so I decided to check it out.

The cafe atmosphere is good. There was this waitress that look like TOKIO's matsuoka who keep walking around and looking out the door and checking the rain... kinda weird. haha

It's open kitchen too!

The pasta that I order

Pina order this. I think the food is ok, not awesome.

I ate dessert after, It was 600 yen and very small.... I bet they need to cover the renting price?

Then me and pina walked to Roppongi and went to Midtown, for another illumination.
We arrived at 4 o'clock and the illumination start at 5 so we went to draw this thing that called Onegai snowman.

the illumination. I like the one last year more but this time they took the whole garden, so it's bigger than last year.

This one is just beside mid-town. the season of illumination has start!
I still have some more that I want to visit!

  • 2012.11.18 Sunday
  • 16:10



Mr.Children ~ くるみ

ねぇ くるみ

ねぇ くるみ

今 動き出そうとしている

ねぇ くるみ

ねぇ くるみ
でも 本気で笑う事も少ない

同じようにして誰かが 持て余したボタンホールに

進もう 君のいない道の上へ

tell me, Kurumi
What do you see looking at this city
How do I look to you now?

tell me, Kurumi
When I start to hear the sarcasm in someone's kindness
What am I to do?

Remembering only the good times
though it makes me feel like I've aged a sum
But you gotta be one of the gears
trying to get turning
You can have only as much despair as you have hope.
but still, my heart trembles at the thought of the future
'what's going to happen?'
I try to imagine.

tell me, Kurumi
If time will eventually wash it all away
then life must be a simple affair.

tell me, Kurumi
since then I haven't cried once
but, neither have I had many good laughs

Somewhere I did up the buttons wrong,
by the time I notice, there's one button leftover
and similarly one button hole, in need of a button
If you find meaning in finding someone then fine
you can have only as many partings
as you do encounters
still my heart trembles at the thought of hope.
everytime I encounter a crossroads
I'll fret over which way to go but...

Eventhough I want more than I have now
I sing for an unchanging love
that's what makes the gears turn
with the burden of more than I need,
making a dull grinding sound
you can have only as much despair as you do hope
and still my heart trembles
at the thought of the future
"what's going to happen?"
let's imagine
you can have only as many partings
as you do encounters
and still my heart trembles at the thought of hope
guess there's no turning back,
so I'll go on, to a road without you.
  • 2012.11.09 Friday
  • 23:14



i've been loving dogs since forever eventhough i never have one before. i mention zippei a couple of time in my blog, and yesterday the 2 dogs passed away caused by heat stroke. i can't believe the owner did that. but whatever things i complain won't bring back those dogs back.
RIP zippei. thanks for all the smile that you'd give to people!
  • 2012.08.10 Friday
  • 23:06


yes no

Hi! this is the sky today.. so prettyyyy

I went to Hikarie yesterday! it was my first time!
It still crowded but not as crowded as before

we went for lunch in herb restaurant

with this 2 skinny people, feel so fat haha

the food was normalllllllll... overpriced! and won't come back.

taken from hikarie hall.

and since we have time, my friend wanted to go to johnnys fc, so i just tag along and saw this girl probably around jr. high school, trying so hard to take pic of one of kanjani8 member. so cute xD

and, went to naka meguro to eat monjyayaki

so many celebrities went there. one of them is nino

aiko san too!

their okonomiyaki wasn't taste good but their monjyayaki is probably the best i ever eat so far. i will go back only for their monjya!

another sign from nino

btw, I got the ticket for waku waku on nino's bday! I was so lucky despite only applied using 2 accounts. the other fans balloted using 35-98 accounts.. they're insane!
I can/t hardly wait!! :D
  • 2012.06.05 Tuesday
  • 19:59



Hello! bright hair color. I cut my fringe yesterday! I kinda shocked when one of the student in my school thought i was one of the teacher! just how old do i look like?

hmhm.. I planning to dye my hair black by the end of this month. but I really scare if it end up like charcoal.. I died my hair black when I was 14 because of school. (I died my hair brown on school holiday and got scolded lol)
and it end up very very ugly black so I died it back the next day.
maaybe I should just try once again...

pants that I haven't wear for 3 years! I actually barely wear it since I bought it around 4-5 years ago.. reason: it's too tight. lol
I gained from size 36 to 38 in 3 years.. T.T

Went to ochanomizu yesterday for recruitment test. It was soo hard or more like I cant read any of the kanji, so I end up guessing almost everything!
I kinda want to slow down a bit.. everyweek feels very busy and I don't have time to study jlpt anymore ><

after test, I wasn't planning to go to roppongi but since there was this occasional cafe (involving arashi) at tokyo midtown, so I went there to check out

so many mamas and kids there! The event is from Kirin Green Label beer so mostly everyone there drink beer! It smells beer everywhere, so I just took some picture and go back inside midtown building.

I love the concept but it just, anything involve arashi right now always bring so many people.. it's hard to be their fan! HAHA

I want to buy 24 hour tv charity t-shirt that yoshitomo nara san and ohno designed together but the line..........

(not my pic)

maybe i'll just wait till next month!
  • 2012.06.03 Sunday
  • 19:39


be stronger

so today i feel much better after a lot of discussion with my friends. i think i kinda over reacted cuz that was my first interview experience.
i'll just think that it'll be a good experince before i find the right job!

okay!! enough with job things, i actually still have some more stuff to do on weekend! pray for me :)

want to share some pics.
pretty soaps from oioi

i went to waseda today for lunch and meet a friend! it was fun!! i feel like there is hope after talked with this girl! haha

stopped by doutor and had my first millefeuille! it was niceeee

gonna study now( actually while watching music station)

thanks for everyone who actually care about my stupid thing yesterday ?

  • 2012.06.01 Friday
  • 19:36





  • 2012.05.31 Thursday
  • 20:41