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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク

waku waku school

Hi! So I got a chance once again to see arashi.
I was so happy when I got the ticket! this time with my own ticket!
My seat was on 1st floor, 16th row, it was quite close to the stage.

I went out home at 9 am. and it was full of people there.
most of them queuing for goods. It wasn't so hot either but I just went inside straight away.

~This might sounds boring for non-fan, so fell free to skip this post if you're not interested :P~

the view from my seat

Quick capture in front of the dome

Many girls wear yellow as it's Nino's birthday (his color is yellow in Arashi)

After, I went inside
I sat around 1,5 hour and I had a good time looking around the dome.
I went to Budokan recently and compared it (of course dome is way bigger)
There were 2 pools and 1 fountain inside (it was normal, not like kokuritsu one)
I saw there were vip seats but I can't see who seats there since it's too far.
Most of the audience are school girl (at least their appearance)

There were 2 obasan in front of me, they keep eating while waiting for the school start. It was sooo annoying as I got stomachache and their food's smell everywhere ><

Before the school start, they showed one the screen something like
"we are going to have a surprise for Nino, until then please don't say Happy Birthday first. When the time come, we will say se~no and please said Nino, Happy Birthday!"

They showed it twice for a very short time, so everyone keep quiet that time.

As this show was in the morning, Ohno still feels like dreaming, he keep pausing where he suppose to talk. Sho keep saying "EH??"

Ohno's back is seriously yabai. when he sit, his back looks like alphabet "C" sooo bent! Sasuga oji san!

The one who took shower was Ohno, he spent 13 arashi while jun spent 18 yesterday, but in the conclusion/s screen they still use jun's face
jun was like "sumimasen, why is my face there? well.. it's ok thou"

just some for Nino's surprise event
Jun went to interviewed Nino's mom.
His mom said he was born for 3900 gram, so fat lol
(ohno said he was 3200 gram, jun was 3500 gram, and aiba went like " huh? why everyone know their weight? Where did you get the info?"
Sho replied "from WEB isn't it?"
It's a famous line in CM (kuwashiku ha web de) - means find the details from website. cuz aiba said something similar when he teach. It's so funny xD)

Nino was that shy person and always "ijime" his mom when he was young xD
His mom wrote a letter to him, so Jun gave it to Nino after the class.

I won't report eveything, I can't remember word by word but It was fun!
will be more fun if it was concert. :P

This was the goods's queue, it's super long and the temperature raised in the afternoon. super hot and humid!

what they sell, I bought some extra to sell it later xD

Goods that I bought (and some for sale)

Back home and eat sushi. Aiba made sushi at school, It made me crave it lol

there where some awkward moment at "school" when they sing furusato, It's completely lip sync. and when they ask us to sing, no one actually sing lol
The one who stand close to my seat was Jun and I can see he looks kinda confuse. haha

at the end they went around the dome with the thing that they use last year too.

I can see everyone so clearly except Ohno T.T
but let say I made an eye contact with Sho and Aiba(even if it's not me, they were looking to my seat area :P)
2,5 years ago only Aiba who look thru my area. He's cute!!

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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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