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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


World Team Trophy 2015

Hello, debuting new haircut. this is my face after went back from the World Team Trophy 2015.
In case you didn't know what it is, it's the last competition of the season for figure skate. each team represent a 2 ladies, 2 mens individual skaters, 1 pairs, and 1 ice dancer.

fyi, before I go my face was like this. I was so exhausted this week, too many things to do and i think i pulled my muscle on the stomach it hurts. I even went to the clinic 3 times to check my internal organs cuz it feels like it blocked my lungs from moving, hardly can breath. but nothing weird happened.
I think I just need rest.

But it was really fun!! i believe they always held the event in Tokyo so if i have a chance to go and watch again, i will definetely go!

Before going in, I met up with Pina for quick lunch. we talked about going overseas during summer break. i need to go and take a break somewhere seriously. i think this what will happen if you life in metropolitan city for too long.

has nothing to do with it thou, I watched the pairs and i am not well informed about pairs so it was quite interesting to watch. sui/cong from china was really good.

The venue was like this. I am so happy! It was my first time watching a competition live! I went to ice show but it was just an ice show.. Looking at those athletes that could jump here and there makes me want to learn skating more. :D
but i need rest for this week. poor body. hah.

bought socks for skating lol. I am so into 5toes socks lately. i think i feel better skating with this socks than normal socks. not that it's gonna improve me magically. ok... I JUST LOVE SOCKS.

till later.

  • 2015.04.19 Sunday
  • 10:46



OHMYGOD. no time for blogging anymore...? I don't even open my pc for a long time..

Anyway, I went to HK for business trip. this is ani, my colleague. She's a really nice person. we just know each other for 2-3 months and already quite close :) I am very lucky to get in the same time with her thou! we were the only girls in our team.

HK was amazing. love the diversity and their drugs store (more than JP!) haha!

Some part of HK reminds me of Seoul..

Met up with my ex housemate in Australia. It was really nice and kinda makes me want to stay longer. childhood friends are the best cuz they know your true self xD and that time we were quite rebels. lol

bought the shoesss.. coz me about 40k yen. but i'm loving it.. it tried to kill my feet yesterday thou.

M LIFE IN ONE PIC. don't get it? watching live streaming of world championship and the delay version on TV. damn, WC was emotional and I FREAKING HATE YUZU AND LOVE SATOKO THANK YOU.

Went to 2 hanamis this year - the season is almost over. This was in shinjuku gyoenmae. it was the best place to do hanamiiii... i think i will go there if i have another chance.

pretty right? and no alcohol, only open till 4 pm which is perfect! I sawe so many foreigners too.

We are levitating. I love this picture..

hey see! me reaching the biellmann position! it hurts like hell thou. lol
i need consistency!!

Last one, inokashira park. BEST PLACE FOR PICTURES. lol went there for work. i think i got sunburn from hanami.

anyway, that basically sum up my march story. more things happened but i still can't say it here. anyway, hopefully i can write more in a month. ;(

  • 2015.04.05 Sunday
  • 20:12



OMG I keep forgeting updating my blog. and a month has passed! I am barely at home recently. just go home for sleep. i either play or work. or skate. haha. i am having a very productive sunday today. working on some design that my dad's firend asked me and i am thinking to go skate later. i went there yesterday as well

This is the rink that I've been going to every week. apparently they have a bus very close to my house and go striahgt to the rink. hehe joy! although, i should say the kids there train really hard, it's hard for me to take some space since i'm a coward. i bumped so many kids already.

here i bought bags and blade cover! hihi

my running leggings is now a skating legging too.

balance cushion. this is VERY good! I saw mao use it to keep her body balance while jumping. well for me it's not for jumping but for skating in 1 leg and not leaning forward or backward. i am still bad but it helps me alot.

last week i went to a flower shop in nishi ogikubo with ferina.

it was nice to catching up with her! she will turn into a shakaijin this year.

and the snacks here looks very healthy. haha we stayed for 2-3 hours. time flies so fast.

oh i visited kichijoji too! and saw this huge shibainu? so cuteee. the owner basically got dragged. lol kinda funny

and yesterday I went to skate then met up with pina for indonesian food. it was not good.. lol. but it was productive day too yesterday! went for jog, only 1 km thou bcoz my ear hurts. then skate for about 2 hours.
my new coach came from hiroshima. i asked him because the lady in hiroshima told me about him. and guess what. he told me that there is a guy from indonesia took a lesson with him too. i was shocked. esp when he said he can do bielmann. O-O..
hope i can meet him someday! the last skater from indonesia that i know is my elementary classmate but then it was the time when the rink was still there.
anyway, gambaru.
  • 2015.03.01 Sunday
  • 14:49


back in Tokyo

Hello. Long time no blog! I was sooo busy recently. dealing with moving out and catch up with friends!
I am back in Tokyo. since last week. stuffs happened...

So it was a bye my Hiroshima's apartment.

lol and welcome to the storage. my current apartment in Tokyo is quite dark and cram. I don't usually stay at home so it doesnt really matter!
I just finish cleaning up and unpacked my things yesterday night.
It has been some productive weeks!

Met with yuqing after I arrived in Tokyo. She was planning to help me with unpack n cleaning but then!! the moving company couldnt find my stuffs so that day we end up doing nothing.
just eat and chat.

found this chicken specialized restaurant from tabelog. it was ok i think..

my furniture came at Monday night (!!) i went to work just half day thou.
My new team are all foreigners except the manager. they were pretty amazing, i think i can fit well here.

I went to skate in Takadanobaba yesterday with Pina! the rink actually looks better than what i though. there were so many young skaters practicing! i saw some adult practicing as well but i think they are pretty... normal.
I also got my blade sharpened in the shop! the joy for having all year long ice rink!! very different with hiroshima's.
i am still considering about the lesson. whether is it better to join the group class or take private.

i wanted to try the group one first before.. but seems like having a one to one lesson will be better for beginner... (?)

after skate we went to harajuku. it didnt really changed since last time but the new line shop opened! so cute!!

and since i havent eat crepes for a while..
i ate just half of it thou.. i like marion better!! this one was santa monica

The main purpose for us to go to harajuku was this! there is this new shops "Alice on Wednesday"
we didnt buy anything there! lolll.. so many shops like this in Harajuku but my apartment now is cramp so i cant buy anymore thing.

some interesting decoration inside!

andddddddd I always wanted to come here! Golden Rush!! the hamburg steak was sooooo good God. I think i will start bringing my other friends here.

lastly, this weirdo purikura. i cant even notice my own face anymore. the machine these days..

PS: will write properly about my trip back in indonesia later. i have no motivation to write lately...

  • 2015.02.01 Sunday
  • 10:50


#delete2014 or #nottodelete2014


I am in Indonesia for holidays now. this time is a little bit longer since i'm going to attend my sister's wedding next month!

anyway, the point of this post is to conclude this year. what had happen. lol. all the things that happened this year feels like stuffs that could happen for 10 years long.

first, the highlight of this year for me is..

the Winter Olympics happened and I got drag inside the fandom. really really deep.
this 10 months has been both great and hell at the same time. wanna know why? just read the news, even until the very last day of the year, it still gives us heart attack news and all. but i'm glad. Just, i'm afraid to hear Mao's decision next year. not ready at all.

Well, personally my life has changed quite a lot. from having the most expensive hobby ever, leaving the entertainment fandom(i'm completely done with it, zero interest), changing department, moving back to tokyo(next year well..), farewell to good friends, got hooked to exercises, injured my knee twice, fell on ice hard, etc

Sports has majorly involve in my life this year and I don't want to let it go anymore I think. while I gain muscle and flexibility, my diet isn't going anywhere so probably i will put my diet as my resolution next year.
I still remember what I said last year and come to think, I said in 2014 i will travel a lot more than 2013 which is tru, and as resolution i wanted to raise my flexibility which is also i did just not yet to the extreme level.
2015, I'll need to manage the list but i 'll probably do it after i go back to japan.

no computer here so hard to post a long text post.

For a meantime.

  • 2014.12.31 Wednesday
  • 12:59



Today is a very good day for us figure skating fans! After such a drama and nightmare for the WHOLE Grand prix series. The podium at the Final is the best thing that we can ask for.
Not only standings but also performances.
Yuzuru, he finally able to perform like what he capable to.
Javier, with such a pressure on his home country, managed to jump from 5th to 2nd.
I'm sad for Machida but he will fight for it next! probably at Nats.

I am too happy for Yuzuru because he had such a rough start of this season. Haven't see his smile for a very long time.
When everyone happy, that's all. The medal ceremony makes me smile for so long. i LOVE Team BOrser.

Still so many feelings left. Although I am not encouraging people who got hit on the head to perform, I am GLAD that he goes and skate greatly. With this I can kind of erase the sour memory of his POTO's program.

Nats will be in 2 weeks time. I wont be able to watch. will be on the plane back home and no FS thingy in Indonesia. I will check the forum/twitter a lot.

I cut my hair yesterday. long hair has been such a mendou. It tooks so long to dry. also, the colour is so yucky already.

so I become like this. hah. i asked them to dye it dark, I think it's like dark ash or something.
then cut like 15 cm? anyway, my hair got so many split ends so I just want to get rid of it.
fringe is a little bit to short thou..

I finally bought a pair of gloves! i lost one of my fav glove last year and didnt want to buy another want.
but these days is freezing.. so need one to protect my hand.
I also went to skate yesterday. i noticed that I am no longer need time to adjust with the ice. like before, I kinda have shaky legs when I first go inside the rink. now i dont but the rental boots start hurting me a lot probably because I am doing some other things -means not only skate-skate-
I was suppose to get a lesson but the boots hasnt arrived yet, it was out of stock. :(

and the BIG news is: I am moving back to Tokyo next month. With that, I can finally apply for proper adult lesson since Tokyo got many ice rink around. That's kinda my priority now. I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with Figure Skating.
  • 2014.12.14 Sunday
  • 08:45



I don't have material for my blog lately but now i do.
I went to Tokyo last Tuesday-Wed. It was a VERY SUDDEN trip.

Brought my company's laptop means it was for work.

I still can't tell now but. you probably get the idea. soon.
what I have been hoping for came true but now, this sudden changes freak me out.
I have a very short time to go yo.

I went to my colleague's house to play with her daughter. remember I was offered to teach english?
I got really tired because I am not really used to play with kids.
but she was really nice.

and what i like about Japanese kid is I dont need to worry about my poor japanese language skills because if i dont get what they said i will just said ha? not that they talks difficult stuffs. the only problem is they speak like baby so i cant catch it. lol. i love kids but play with them for 4 hours straight is a little bit hard.

anyway, I will start going for individual lesson for figure skate next week. my shoes will be arrived on that day too! can't even waittttt.

  • 2014.12.07 Sunday
  • 16:43



HAhh I didn't do anything except working lately!!! We are having a long weekend this week,which mean is holiday tmrw! I dont have plan and just try to skate as often as possible.

this week scenery from the station is the best!!!

it's the autumn! and yes I went to skate yesterday. and lucky when i just about to go in, the instructor went out and about to go back home but then I stopped her and asked her to help me if she could tell the coach to teach me. I gave her my email and name and she said things like if i want to learn i need to buy the shoes. I start lurking at online shop last week and it isn't as expensive as I thought.. she also said if i want to buy the coach could help but first, she need to consult with the coach cuz he (she?) is very busy.
apparently they also teach in okayama which I went to took lessons last july.

I just chilled for 1,5 hours in the rink. I saw a couples playing around and they could skate backwards so easily. I tried so hard but still cant!! T.T
I think I know what held me back. I'm not afraid to fall but my phone... hah!
I shouldnt bring my phone inside the rink.
if I start the lesson seriously, I will leave it.

This is the rink! everytime I got in, the ice's condition usually already bad and everytime they repolished it, it feels so good... omg I wanna go back tomorrow but first I need to finish my documents for work T.T why do i need to do this.

Andersen paper bag design is alrd christmas. so cute!!!

oh and my colleague asked me to teach her kid english. I didnt mind sinceee I kinda need money ;P

um, i need to save up.. many things that I need to buy and not for myself ....

  • 2014.11.23 Sunday
  • 21:13


Figure Skating Shit

Hope you all had a nice sleep last night cause I wasn't

The highlight of the week. it all happened yesterday,
I went to Hiroshima Big Wave for skating. about an hour.

It wasnt crowded at all. and since this rink is only be around winter (open oct-until april)
there is no student who practicing there.
The ice was normal, i saw some hockey kids running fooling around as per usual happen in ice rink.

Well, the autumn is here. such a nice color but i think it will peak soon. the leaves will start falling down.

My friend send me this picture in shinjuku. so the illumination season has come. i saw christmas tree in one of the shopping mall here. somehow, i really wish this year to finish soon.
and how horrible it is that this past month, so many things happend.. so many things.

now let me pour all my feeling from last night accident.
this is about figure skating so if you don't want to read it, feel free to close the page.


If any of you watch the Cup of China Men's Free Skating last night.
what a night... i am losing word when it happened..

Yep, during the warm up, Yuzuru collide with Han Yan and resulting these two people unconsious for a while.
Han Yan went out from the rink by himself, after about 2 minutes, the medic came and come to Yuzuru to check him but he later get up by himself. All I can see is blood coming down on her chin and head.
THIS is nothing but traumatic. I cant believe I need to see this.
I HATE looking at blood with that sort of amount remind me of something that i did during my time in Melbourne.

Literally, I was shivering, I am not trying to exaggerate thing but i thought he will die if they let him continue, which they did. motherfucker.

Yuzuru was fighting, I know he really want to go to Barcelona but doesn't he realized his carrer might end up right at that moment. I am not sure now whether he is smart or just plain idiot.

Han Yan too, this crazy kid withdrew but later insist to go back to perform. WTH .. I can't...
Well, OF COURSE he looks half dead, dazed while perfoming. he end up 6th overall.

BUT Yuzuru got this ridiculous score and won silver. called it MAGIC. in the Kiss&Cry he looks surprised(and happy) and asked BOrser "Why did i got 2nd?" which he replied "I don't know"
BOrser face thou, he looks like he can't do this anymore. watching this lil shitty kid trying to kill himself for a sport.
it was all written on his face.


NO rules to stop injured skaters from performing.
are they losing their mind???

Why did I like this sport anyway?

Devil please stop making things happen.
and God I beg you.

This sport should change their name to "Who could occur better DRAMA on ICE"

Now I just wish Yuzuru got his head check and Han Yan could recover from the traumatic shock.

WHY DID IT HAPPENED?? i want to leave in peace and it seems like it wont happen anytime soon.

can I just go back home like right now? so tired of all of this shit.
  • 2014.11.09 Sunday
  • 12:17



I got nothing to share.. life has been so boring. I work last saturday but luckily it's a holiday on monday so at least I got 2 days off.

the highlight of my weekend will be this

For those who didnt kno, Moroccan Oil is a very popular oil for hair. Every salon that I went, 90% are using this. Lovee the fragrance.
instead of buying it online, I decided to buy it in the salon that I've been going to usually. they are having a special package which contain a small bottle along with the big one.

I really love the packaging.

I think I can keep the box and use it for something else..I think I will bring the small bottle for traveling

I also purchased quite amount of Coldplay's song. if that's even a problem..? I havent purchased any other song other than Coldplay lately. music is dead indeed.

oh and this facial soap.. it's called Arsoa and endorse by Mao Asada. got it when I went to The Ice on september. finally using it now. I love the very clean feel after using it but unfortunately if I want to buy the real one it will cost me 3000++ yen for a bar of soap which is very. very pricey. anyway, I still got cethapil to go!! I'm using 2 different cleanser right now.

also, since figure skating season has start, every week I watch it.. on tv or online, and how awful this season can be... without Mao. every year, I never really follow the schedules but I always end up watching it accidentaly on TV.
thanks to Japan TV for airing it.
but this year is differeny since I got really hooked on it and without all those top skaters..... I will just say it isn't how it suppose to be.

well at least I saw a little bit of light in Japanese ladies skating future. Thanks to Satoko. even if I havent watch Kanako's program... I must not expect something too high from her.


  • 2014.11.03 Monday
  • 09:20