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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク



Hi! I/m planning to do detox every weekend.. hope it goes well..
me have been so sensitive lately :/
I got angry easily for no reason, but I never show it thou, i'll just run back home after school instead of the usual lunch with classmate.
Life just get complicated when I think about my future!
sometimes I wish I can just back to elementary school! haha
but I'll try my best to be able to stay in Japan!

Some picture from yesterday!
I went for a lil shopping in Lumine

Vending machine at Muji

This accessory has become popular lately. my friend bought the same design in black colour and a ring. I saw someone wear the red one too!

Taking a walk today before some groceries.
It's spring!
People put some pots in front of their house.

The river close to my place.

  • 2012.05.26 Saturday
  • 11:33


Solar Eclipse

Greetings! It's Monday the 21st today and solar eclipse just happened this morning right when I woke up!
My mood went up like 3000% after! feel very energetic on class. haha

a glimpse from tv. haha all media covered this this morning, it was hard not to notice it. Also Tokyo Sky Tree will open tomorrow!
seems like Tokyo got so many event going on!

Ootoya from last Friday. It was yummy!

Ben&Jerry's! still new so many people queuing for it.

I actually ate it today! the picture above were from last week. the line wasn't much different thou

I went to Omotesando and Aoyama today with Pina! walked across this longg gravess

The prada's building that I always wanted to go. It sucha pretty building!

and Cotton Cloud cafe and cloting line by nozomi sasaki. I like her but that clothes are too expensive and too girly for my liking. :/

PS I miss this cat, It used to be my sister's cat but she sold it already T.T
I got bitten by him once thou i still like it xD

  • 2012.05.21 Monday
  • 19:03



currently addicted to this song by Mr.Children
saw they performed in Music Station yesterday. totally in love!!


聞こえてくる 流れてくる
君を巡る 抑えようのない想いがここにあんだ

君が好き 分かっている 馬鹿げている
目覚めた瞬間から また夢の中


とりとめなく ただ君を書き連ねる






聞こえてくる 流れてくる
君を巡る 想いのすべてよ

I am beginning to hear a melody that is flowing through me.
My feeling for you is unstoppable. And it is like a melody within me.
I cover my ears but I can still hear it so clearly.

I love you. And I’m well aware of my feelings.
It sounds silly. But I cannot help it.
From the moment I wake up, I am already in my dream world.
I can’t see anything but you.

I wish our feelings were mutual.
It’s like putting a thin thread through a tiny needle hole.

This is my love letter to you for 365 days of a year without any words.
And I will keep writing it to you every single day.
I would like to keep this flame going within my heart.
Even when wind blows, I will keep the flame dear to my heart so it won’t be put out.

Freedom and dream are the examples of what I used to use as excuses to stay single.
But when I met you, I was struck by your lightening and my beliefs suddenly lost their meanings.

“Being single is so easy and comfortable.”
That’s what I used to tell myself.
But I must stop using such a cowardice excuse.

Even though I live in a city as soulless as a desert, my spirit won’t be dry and thirsty by just being with you.
When I daydream like this, cloud that resembles a cotton candy seem to softly land onto my city from a sky far away.

I want to feel you.
I want to kiss you and feel your soul.
I want to meet you once again for the first time where we have never met, where it is much deeper than here.

This is my love letter to you for 365 days of a year that I keep secretly to my heart.
I solely listen to my passion and continue writing it for you.
I would like to protect this flame that has been burning within my heart.
Even when wind blows, I will keep the flame dear to my heart so it won’t be put out.

This is a love song I dedicate to you 365 days of a year…

I am beginning to hear the melody.
It is beginning to flow through me.
May all of my feelings for you reach to your heart…

  • 2012.05.05 Saturday
  • 20:57


the beginning

Greetings! it's golden week here in Japan! I need to study but haven't really progress any further..
will definitely study tomorrow.

Last week I went to Kagurazaka to try a hidden restaurant that I found from one of tv program.
went there with my friend who happened to watched the same tv program and live in that area.
the place looks like a normal japanese house. so it's kinda hard to find.

went you get in, you need to take off your shoes and change to home slippers, just like when you get into a japanese house.
they will also keep your coat.
I went there without make any reservation but it was full house so I need to wait for an hour.

the food was great thou! they only open from 5pm-11pm.
also serve many variety of wine!

inside Isetan, to celebrate mother's day, the put 1000 pictures of 'fresh from the oven' babies. xD

I went to Ayaka's concert on Friday!! I really love her songs. it always has a very deep meaning!

The venue wasn't filled 100% but only some seats left. She's very pretty thou!
Her voice also sounds better than cd!
She cried twice >< she's such a sweetie!!!

Some of the goods from the concert.
The concert lasts for 3 hours, with one encore
My leg was about to break after the concert. so tireddd

It's spring!!

Went to Daikanyama on Saturday.
to eat Mexican food. the place was incredible! But it was crowded so I waited for about 15 minutes.

I asked for veranda's seat, it was quite hot that day.

my big meal. It was yum! but i wish they have hotter sauce. :p
I miss Mad Mex!

cute shop

my dream apartment

Quil Fait Bon. a famous cake shop. I went there because Matsujun was seen buying cake from this shop. :P

It was a good tea time thou. The cake(or the fruits) was good, the drink is overprice.

Amelia in front of the shop.

Today, I went to Denenchofu. a place full of rich people. I feel sorry for myself because it quite intimidating to walk there alone where everyone drive or cycling. those people who cycle looks very different with the one in Shinjuku. lol

Denenchofu station

Rich house 1

Rich house 2

Masamune kun house from My girl!!!

Rich house 3

Cute house with many small windows

Cute house!!!!

House full of plant! There were so many well designed houses there! I explore about 3 hours around and was sweating quite badly since the road were like up and down hill.
It was so silent there, no one talk when walking o_O

I took a quick tea time in This cafe called Lepi Dor

chocolate cake (I forgot the name). It was ok. nothing special.
Inside the cafe, people chat with very low volume.
I can feel the differences oo_Oo

Denenchofu wasn't my cup of tea. but it was fun to explore something different in Tokyo :D

  • 2012.04.30 Monday
  • 11:42



Today mark 1 year after the earthquake. people gather in various places to remember and pray for tohoku and the victims.

I went  to Harajuku at first but it was insanely crowded (with tourist) so I went to Shinjuku instead.

I came 2 minutes before they start the moment of silent. There were so many people in from of Shinjuku station (close to Alta)
they start the pray for 1 minute from 14:45. (the earthquake happend at 14:46)
I look around a little bit and there were people from every age, teenagers, adults, elder, and I never imagine, that Shinjuku, that super crowded place, become so silent, no one walk and all I can hear were some photographer snap some pictures.

that was a very touching moment. I'm so moved by Japanese. :'(

In Omotesando, there were a photo exhibition by leslie kee. It features many
popular celebrities. That was part of charity too i guess.
Oh and I saw Kozue Akimoto there, she's surprisingly short and looks normal, she's skinny thou.. and has a very good hair. haha

new takeshita dori sign

I bought new iPhone case from marc by marc jacobs.

All TV station shows about 3.11 since the morning. remind me last year when I heard about the earthquake, I keep hoping I can just go to Japan straight away. I kept watch all the news, makes me so sad T.T
I will never forget that day.

may all the souls rest in peace. <3 Japan
  • 2012.03.11 Sunday
  • 17:09



Hi, I went to cooking party on sunday. There were many people from many countries, thou most of  them came from my school, the organizer are Japanese students.

so, obviously they "kinda" surprised that I'm not Japanese, I got this all the time so I'm just used to it already. but one of them think I'm France *roll eyes*
most of them guess I'm half-white too. I start questioning whether i have European blood inside me. lol (of course, joking)

that day was the Tokyo marathon day. saw many people cosplaying while running. I love Japan for that! haha

the kitchen

my team. one Germany, one Spanish, two Japanese. they all belong to prestigious University in Japan. *.* well well

the crowd

My team cooked tonjiru, which is kinda like miso soup with pork on it.

after we finished eating, all people start making new friends.
It was such a good time. I wish I'm more humble thou -.- I just don't know how to react naturally when I can't speak Japanese fluently.

plus, today's picture. Cute Crocs in Shinjuku's shop
  • 2012.02.28 Tuesday
  • 19:39



Hello long annoying fringe,

I cut my fringe yesterday and this is probably the time where I should choose to grow it back or keep it like this. I get annoyed very easily with my fringe now. :/

kay, so remember I say I want to update the blog real-time. i knew it, I didn't do it because it was so much time in Akita.
Such a short time but it's very meaningful, I won't forget it forever<3

made new friends, a 19 yo norwegian girl. o_O i'm old now T.T

Reaching akita. my eyes get hurts because it's all whiteee

first day, we went to snow festival. it's called inuko matsuri. idk what's the meaning thou.

2nd day, went to samurai place which was quite boring or more like we can't get in anywhere, it was either close/full house.
so we went climb the snow and found this pretty river~!

third day: went for onsen and lake.
below is jiji, the grandpa that took us everywhere, he's very nice and funny.
I miss him :'(


at night, there were fire festival that I never know the name is. but it was fun!

me, swinging a fire (?)


last day, we went to eat kiritanpo before we left. It was deliciouss! i always thought those white things is chikuwa, which apparently rice ><
I don't think I can found any kiritanpo here in Tokyo T.T

Aya san, she's jiji's son's wife. she's very talkative, it's good because she ask so many questions :D

grudge~~ that's obasan. she's very very very nice!! sometimes it kinda hard to catch their japanese. as expected, my japanese is still in a lowest level ><

The station near their place is very small. I love Akita so much! I wish I can come back there again.


meanwhile, back in tokyo, I bought this whitening for my teeth.
no particular reason thou just want to have a nice smile. lol xD

this picture just for comparison laterrr.. don't be scare please! lol

k! later~!!
  • 2012.02.25 Saturday
  • 09:37


no Valentine's Day

at least for me.

Greetings, people!

this is me on... tuesday.

I was pretty lonely on that day and feel like going to Shiodome. it was raining but it kinda stop when I reached there.
and that goods is from my favorite morning tv show "ZIP!"
I love the dog!

This one called "Sorajiro" from news every, evening news. I like it thou all my friends hate it, they called it sausage mouth! lol

Ntv's popular big clock. the clock will "move" every 2 hours (i think) it was pretty cool

I bought this clear file. it's so cute but I think my teacher now know that i'm such a tv otaku -.-"

Yesterday cuz I said to one of my classmate that I'm kinda lonely these day, he asked me to join him for dinner with his friends.
dunno if I should be happy or not. lol

It was fun! I need to speak japanese since 2 of them can't speak english but it was a food practice.

I ate too much, feel bloated O_O

This was my lunch and end up having lunch with the same people plus some classmate. I kinda feel tired today.
Need to study.

PS: going to Akita in 2 days, will update my blog real time if it's possible (most likely not lol) see yaaa
  • 2012.02.10 Friday
  • 21:15


miwa - 片思い

I've been listening to this song for whole day!
I thought the singer was matsuura aya when I first listen to it.
Conbini close to my place keep playing this song, such a marketing strategy -.-
but the song is very relaxing (and cute).
kinda miss falling in love, it's been 5 years! O_O

  • 2012.02.06 Monday
  • 17:48



どうも〜☆彡すっぴんです!♪(´ε` )

Back in Saturday, went to Karaoke with Ame and her friends which I met 2 years ago. i think one of them can't even remember me ;_; it's so sad to be forgotten. lol

Nice view from the room!

Parted and had dinner with Ame at cheap chinese restaurant which gave us stomached later on.

I bought this

I was looking for dark red(?) nail polish and planned to buy chanel before
but apparently when I look around, no one serve me (or me looking poor so they don't think i can afford chanel (j/k lol)
but seriously, so I bought Dior instead which is 105 yen more expensive

but i'm loving the color!!

another round for this oolong tea! bought 2 big bottle cuz it's super cheap!

Went to Tower Records yesterday to grab my copy of Ayaka's album!
hope it's selling well! Ayaka is a great artist. If you have time/money please support her!

Dinner Yesterday. I love Onigiri!! this shop is selling different taste of onigiri, i think around 15 kinds and it's about 130 yen for one! it's cheap considering the size is HUGE!

I'm going to Akita next week! still not kno what to bring since I don't have any big bag/ small luggage but i'm super excited!
  • 2012.01.31 Tuesday
  • 20:16