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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


happiness is


so let me tell my story today.
Today is my usual day, went to school, took lesson, had lunch, went home.
At school, I asked for help to my teacher cuz I want to go to TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection) but the ticketing is so complicated, so I might give up for now. :/

had lunch with Yuqing, I wanted to eat tom yum but I choose the wrong menu (that stupid of me) and went home straight after. then, I just remember that my apato rent's due tomorrow, usually I just pay it straight to the office but since it's saturday tomorrow, I'm not sure if they will open tomorrow.

I decided to walk to other ATM that I never been there before, to transfer the money.
On the map it looks so close! but apparently I walked so far and because I keep doubting if I took the wrong way, I keep going back and forth which made me 3 times more tired!

went to the atm and I can't transfer (or more like I CAN'T READ THE FREAKING KANJI) so I decided to walk to other area, but can't find any of my bank open.

my bank probably is the least convenient bank in Japan! I kinda tired of it but I can't do anything but accept it -.-

anyway, After walked for 2 hours, I realized that if I want to pay my rent, I need to withdraw the money! (another stupid mistake) so I walk to other ATM which will be close in about 20 minutes. The ATM that I went the last has the staff who help people to do the transaction. oh well...

Tired of everything, went home and have this

(100 yen mister donuts that I found during my 'journey')
Happiness is when you stop thinking negative and instead change it to positive view.

Happiness is to stop complaining and accept what you have now.

Happiness is when you eat donut (or dorayaki)

Happiness is to go inside a warm blanket.

Hope your day is better than mine
  • 2012.01.27 Friday
  • 19:10


no point post

Hi, just a short post about Tokyo yesterday

Ate this lovely green tea ice cream in the afternoon. I never see any green tea haagen dazs before. it's soo gooddd

Just in time that I bought this lovely knit hat for 699 yen only!

It was snowing heavily yesterday.

after an hour

after 3 hours
there is still some snow remaining in my veranda right now.
it's very cold because of the ice (it's now snow) around.
Of course I saw many funny moments when people slipped on the road.
I saw some salaryman try to walk on their usual pace and they keep slip abit,
looks so much like dancing. lol

The weather forecast last night~

My veranda this morning. it's so ugly looking :/

Some snowmans near my place

and a warm hamburger to keep my body warm

(ps. that's my current phone's home screen )

  • 2012.01.24 Tuesday
  • 18:57


money money

Hello, so school has start for a week already! how fast!
I have 2 teachers now, both women.
also 2 new classmates! but we haven't really talk :/

I just calculated my spending for this month and I spent way too much.
but i know even if try to swear that i won't shop anymore, I will just ignore it. haha

Here some pics that I took during this week

Rilakkuma hugging a guy. the guy's girlfriend actually on the other side, taking picture.

Hello Kitty man. custard filling.

I've been eating ice cream a lot lately (not to mention that I gained 1 kg T.T)
I guess it's time to stop

This parfait was bad >< I kinda realized all ice cream in Japan is very light in taste, not as fattening as Australia.

Of course Yukimi tastes good

Bridge between Takashimaya in Shinjuku and Kinokuniya.
Looks so much like Airport

Botejyu. Can't remember the name, I think it's Negi soba yaki..
but it taste good!


It was snowing for the first time in Tokyo. It was my first snow in 4 years i think.
The last time I saw snow was when I went to play ski and snowboard in Fallscreek.

my old classmates (still classmates now thou)

Today I went to Harajuku to saw Harajuku Fashion Walk

The people who gather wasn't as many as I thought but they are very cute!
Most of them dress as lolita.
The girl in my photo was very popular, many tourist want to take pic with her. lol

AND, of course there is Grand Bazaar aka Sale at Laforet.
I didn't buy anything since the people there were super scary.. Japanese girls power.
But I bought some clothes from F21

fuh~ such a long post.

see ya.
  • 2012.01.21 Saturday
  • 21:38


end of holiday

Hello! me before going out on friday,
as always my hair went straight after an hour time

Today is my last day of holiday, I'll be back on school tomorrow.
it will be a very slow first week so I still have time to hang out!

I kept buying lotion/hair care/mask a lot lately.. living in Japan is sure a good thing to try many different beauty products

I love the pure hair treatment! it's good your scalp. I use it after saw the recommendation from Binosusume.
cost around 800 yen, I use it probably around once a week.

I haven't use the rest. lol

bought this retro/vintage bag in Lumine 1, I was about to buy a bag from FRAY I.D that I put on my recommended page
but it was sold out already
it's quite expensive thou, around 11k yen, and this bag is 3000 yen which is way cheaper.
but i still like FRAY I.D better


Went to Shinjuku with Ame and had dinner in cheap Kaiten Sushi with Sheng too.
It wasn't good.. definitely not for me.. 

Yesterday, went to Waseda to 'attend' one of class there. lol

Waseda University

Four Season Hotel. It's soo Japanese! there were a wedding ceremony there, everyone who walk there looks okane mochi

front gate of the hotel

and lastly, unknown park in Mejiro. with a great view
  • 2012.01.15 Sunday
  • 12:18


outing + illumination post

Hi! I have nothing to do today, it's getting cold in Tokyo (minimum 0)
weather forecast said it will reach 1 at night, but it will most probably wrong as always. haha

I went to Shin Okubo and had lunch with Ame in ton chan (とんちゃん). I went there once last time with my classmate and I actually like it (not that I can taste the different with other Korean restaurant anyway).
and as always after I ate Samgyopsal, I always feel super fat.
I didn't like Pork at all before I came to Japan.
I think being in Japan kinda force me to like pork since everything here always involved pork :/

before going out

notice why girls tend to do this pose when they take a pic? bcuz the angle makes your face look smaller! my face probably 1,5 times bigger than how it looks in this pic. lol

candid pic of Ame! sorry didn't ask your permission

Went to karaoke after lunch, it was a good 3 hours!
probably not enough for me since I'm really into karaoke

We sang mostly AKB music because it's SOO IN right now (duh), child song like Maru Maru Mori Mori, gyu gyu gyu, and suddenly we changed direction to more serious songs like something supportive (Greeeen, kobukuro, etc), and heart-broken song HAHA.

I missed to post some illumination that i've been going for the past 3 months,
so here some pic.

Illumination in Shiodome, caretta

Laforet, Harajuku. This tree always have different color (and sponsor) every winter.

Omotesando. I think it always look like this every winter. it's pretty thou!

Ikebukuro, just in front of station.

Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi. It was so pretty but so crowded plus cold, we were lucky to get a good spot for taking pics!

Shinjuku Illumination. I love this pic!

Lastly, Roppongi Mohri Garden, it located behind Roppongi hills, just beside TV Asahi. even if I tell the location it's probably not there anymore since it's January already.

anyway, will try to post other pics later.

  • 2012.01.11 Wednesday
  • 17:10


yokohama cup noodle museum

konbanwa! today i went to yokohama with my bro.
it was quite embarrasing since yokohama is all about couple and i really hate if people think my brother is my bf
coz he's dasai(not cool) lol
my brother probably is the only one that i'm not close with in my family
since i moved to melbourne and we didnt talk for quite long time.

so everyday in Tokyo was full of awkward silence and he never say anything even if he's hungry -.-


i went to cup noodle museum, there are not much to see there, its better to make a reservation to make your own chicken ramen or line ip for designing the cup noodle package.
i was come quit late but i only spent around 1 hour there.. its enough for me :)

a girl looking at bunch of instant noodle cup

mi goreng from indonesia!


they sell some other overseas noodle, i tried laksa, which they said it came from malaysia
(i thought it was from singapore?)
anyway it wasnt that good.. i miss good laksa here.

yokohama at night, so romantic~

  • 2012.01.07 Saturday
  • 23:13



I just drew Amo chan, she's a model from zipper magazine
she's cute!

i love rotoscoping :D

  • 2011.04.02 Saturday
  • 14:07


Music Station

let's count... it's been 10 days after the earthquake!
hope everything goes back to normal soon...

I watched Music Station last friday..
the shows looks all gloomy.. :(
and I just wanna share Funky Monkey Baby performance and JUJU
these 2 makes me cry a lot!
even the guy in FMB cried a lil..

  • 2011.03.20 Sunday
  • 22:39


there are still some bitter feelings

I haven't post this last Friday because of the earthquake..
In the morning I went to this nice place called New York Tomato for Yuli's (my housemate-the girl in white tee) farewell

She's a very talented girl but unfortunately can't stay in Australia any longer..
I guess she will get better job in better country!

The place is really nice, the atmosphere was good as well!
There are not many people there, which is unusual according to internet


btw, new nail :D

So after she move out, I can arrange my stuffs out and sleep alone once again.
Even if my bedroom is actually a living room. lol

yesterday I went to city with 3 of my jr high school friends (all boys)..
We were suppose to go to Moomba festival but the weather changed dramatically!! like 29 in the morning, 18 in 3 hours..
I brought my umbrella but the boys choose to just get drained
and after like 40 minutes walking around Moomba, they just played 1 game -.-
and one of my friend got this,

and gave it to me...


but I'm still feel really sad everytime I watch news about the earthquake..
I cried a bit everyday.. just abit ;)
I believe this will get better soon when I see sooo many people helping, praying, and loving Japan so much!

I'll donate tomorrow after I get my new credit card.

If you want to donate, you can donate to Japan Red Cross or any other place you know.
I think this one is the most reliable.
  • 2011.03.14 Monday
  • 20:33


Japan's Earthquake

My mom was the first who text me and I checked twitter, there was a 8.9 earthquake hitting sendai and it's area (incl. Tokyo)
That time I was out with my friends so I can't access any details.
I went home earlier and check the news and my friends's facebook, because the phone network in Japan was off due to the earthquake.
They even still got aftershock till now.
I text my friends in case the network come back anytime soon.
All my friends are safe.
But it still heartbreaking moment when it's Japan, my favorite country, is in a massive disaster like this!!
The footage video got me into tears no joke!!
this is just too frightening!!

I hope everyone safe and the condition back to normal soon..

  • 2011.03.12 Saturday
  • 08:42