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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


The ice

As I said in my previous blog! I went to Osaka yesterday.
to watch The Ice !!

I arrived early to go to abenoharukas! I lost so many times and my iphone battery was draining so fast.
I bought a cheap charger and charged it in the toilet! hahah
at this kind of time i am very grateful that toilet in japan got power point for those high-tech machine xD

and i went there. it was as normal as any other shopping mall could me. i should have just go to grand front osaka instead.
but i had lunch there. probably the best tempura that i have had, however if i didnt read it wrongly it was a restaurant from shinjuku. hah!
costs me around 2200 yen. so satisfied thou.

I wondered around during the peak of the sun shines. I got sunburned in my arm and legs.
i only applied sun block on my faces. I guess my vitamin e production working well yesterday xD

walked from abeno to shinbashi. i just past doton-dori and shopped a little.
bought skirt for work.

and went from shinbashi straight to asashiobashi.
to osakashi taiikukan

sooooo many old ladies. and surprisingly, salaryman!
that's obvious since the tickets cost around 2-3 times for normal concerts.
my seat was on the second lvl and it already cost me 12,000 yen. i actually applied for the arena seat as well but didnt hit. it costs 22,000 yen there.

they played those sochi moment again and i was about to cry when i watched it.
but somehow managed to hold it back.hahh

the view from my seat!

ok, let me give you the review.
satoko miyahara - she was good but her jump is quiet small. i dont really see any spark in her. actually, didn't see it in kanako as well.
maxim kovtun - his new program was so dramatic, i mean the music. i still think he skated messy.
taka - his hand movement wasnt as "katai" as what i see in worlds last time. haha. and he just poortaka, never changed.
the let it go collaboration was boring as hellll... -.-
patrick - i cried, it is such a waste that he wont compete this season. he such a world class. he is soooo good! I just wish he stop staring and make a weird eye stare everytime. hah
meryl&charlie - as expected from olympic champion. when they dance, the time stops, everything looks so beautiful. I almost see it as a ballet instead.

i didn't remember all but my head was full of patrick after he perfomed!
adelina was average.. oh and shibsibs was great as well. i found Alex so hot! man.. he's cute.

got some flyer and koala march inside the bag. it was great.. actually quiet addictive.
now i wanted to go to watch disney on ice but experience say that i should sit on ice level in order to feel the performance more.

next time! i really want to go watch competition as well.

thank you the ice! xD
  • 2014.07.26 Saturday
  • 23:31


South Korea

Last week, I went to South Korea! to meet my family there.
They arrived 3 days earlier. and i only stay for 3 days since i have work.

it is actually my first time in korea. i dont actually want to go there since it kinda similar to tokyo.¥
but i'm glad that i went because.. the skin care!! so cheap and so good.
i am now combining my ponds cold cream with aloe gel from nature republic. it feels sooo greatt !

we stayed in myeongdong. that place reminds me of shinjuku and harajuku.
what i found surprising is the prices for western products there are higher than in Japan.
just when i thought Japan's are already overpriced.....

kimbap cafe! didnt ate there because it was full house.
oh also they dont speak english. they dont.
they speak better chinese or japanese. once i went to duty free shop, i got tired trying to explain things in english so i just speak japanese instead.
i know most of the tourist there are chinese and japanese but recently many southeast asians travel there as well..
wonder how they communicate.

the tornado potatooo!! i always wanted to try this for a long timee...
i ate 2 in 3 days hehe

there were many cute cafes around but we were too busy to walk.
it was so humid and hot.. soooo tired during that time.

btw, this honey comb ice cream from softree is da bomb!
soooooo niceeee especially during those hot day

last day, i went to the market. sorry i couldnt even remember the name
me and my fam lurk around and ate chijimi, dumplings, etc

the pancakes was made from soy bean. it was good but we got no place to sit, so we just eat-walking around.

there were some stand that sells kimbap too! my mom bought it but i didnt eat it.

and the dumpling. it was kimchi and minch pork inside. was normal, for my taste.

lost of Korean traditional side dishes.

me and my sis, just being us. ha

my sis want to go and see the world cup stadium and we just went.

there is nothing to see there and I am very very tired with seeing those stairs .
i got a little bit of attitude that time.

after that, i parted with my fam to go meet Scarlet after 3 years!!!
We talked alot. it reminds me of the time that we spent in Melbourne.
she said she miss Melbourne and thinking to go there this winter.
she asked whether i miss melb but unfortunately i am not. heh
but i am not gonna turn it down if i got a chance to go there, as a tourist!

my mom.. i miss bothering her so much haha.. bad daughter

during last day we went to han river. oh btw, my sis fiancee was there with us and he acted like our tour guide.
i am not sure if its korean public transport that is not so good (so many transit to go to those tourisy places, i mean seriously like 3-4 times)
the "tour guide" wasnt really great. haha

if i need to go to korea again, it will be for shopping spree, not for other things.

the stuff that i bought in korea. not that many and some of them are actually taiwan, germany, canada, usa products. the kiehls one costs me more that i bought in Japan. me fail as always. haha

this one as well. i should have just bought it in Japan. but well, i exchanged my yen to won already so got no choice but to buy.
but i lovin the bag so much!

i need to write 2 entries today. has been skipping blog for so long.
  • 2014.07.22 Tuesday
  • 20:34


salon+wisdom tooth

Since I won't have any more time to go to salon this month, so i squeezed the appointment before my wisdom teeth extraction.

I want to really leave my hair middle-parted. but not sure if it's work-friendly. haha

since it will look very casual and all.

Anyway I went to the same salon that i went on march. I pretty like it, however I asked for different person in charge. actually met the guy there and i guess he will think i didnt like his work before.

not really actually since he isn't available during that time.

but i found the manager (the one who cut my hair this time) very good. he tried to ask what i want and give advices..

I just wanted him to reduce the amount of my hair without changing the length.

the result was pretty much what I want.

btw, he's kinda onee. hah!

I watched totoro yesterday. it will always be my favorite animation by ghibli. follow by ponyo.

After the tooth extraction. the dentist make it feels easy. he just did it in 2 minutes.

and overred me to take the tooth home but seriously i dont need it.

the tooth was big and i'm glad probably now my body can transfer the calcium to other tooth/bone/anyother calcium-related inside my body instead of that one,

which actually keep disturbing me.

one wisdom teeth left but it doesnt really bother me for now.

the dentist thou said if it came out, i need to extract it too.

this time thou was nothing compare to the bottom part 3 years ago.

i ate bread already after 5 hours and since the stitch is like reallly in the back, i didnt feel a thing.

it bleed quite a lot in the beginning and i think i kinda gulp it so now my mouth smell bloody blood -.-

they say no excersice for 24 hours. ahhh now i need to miss my daily exercise.

just did a lil thou.. just a little.

  • 2014.07.12 Saturday
  • 22:36



my fringe, not like i have it now, is super long already and its so messyy.. I think i need to go to salon soon!!

Last thursday, Suntory gave us 4 boxes full of drinks! I took 2 bottles of black tea that I used to drink before.
now it tastes soo bitter but i still like it xD

I have a pretty bad breakout this last one month. i wonder what did i do wrong so i try my best to increase my intake of fruits, wash my face with green tea twice a week and drink collagen with it! heh
doesnt seems like it works sos i need to try other thing..

I took a day off today and stay up late, woke up at 5 to watch world cup, but too sleepy so i actually just listen to the match. haha.. went back to sleep at 8 and surpiseee woke up at 1 pm! i havent woke up that late for a while.

I didn't go to skating lesson this week, not this month since my schedule has been filled up with things.
i did went thou last week and it was fun.

was thinking to go for shopping spree today but my feet was hurt so bad because of high heels.

took a rest in yayoi ken! first meal at 5 pm.

I also bought tangle twizzer! I read many good review on beauty website recently..
tried it when I arrived home and it's amazing! my hair feel so smoooth

and Pond's cold cream!! this one is SUPERB!! I need to do the review next week.
but even after using it once, i can feel the difference.

I need to go on diet..............
  • 2014.07.05 Saturday
  • 20:56



I finally start going to skating lesson. thou probably i didnt learn a thing. money fliesss

Got this okonomiyaki sauce and yakisoba sauce from the office.
I made some yakiudon and yakisoba for lunch and it was quiet successful!

My sweets craving has came back. I can feel my belly growing so fast recently.

Since there is no rink in Hiroshima during summer (the rink magically turn into swimming pool)
so I went to Okayama.

The rink was a little bit bigger than any other rink that I've visited in Japan.
it was packed as usual. also, full of kids!

I felt intimitated there. didnt expect they will mix the lesson with kids.. I actually considering to do private lesson if doing group class doesnt give me anything, it will be just a waste of money.

andd today I took half day off and go to Korean consulate! I was lucky because they suppose to receiving the application in the morning only while i came in the afternoon.
it will be hard for me to take another day off since I have been using mine a lot recently.
and i try to convice the person and maybe because i put this puppy eyes and all, she feel sorry for me and agreed to take my application with condition (next time applying i must go within the time that they had mention).
I had a mini heart attacked that time but luckily everything goes smoothly and it only takes 1 day for the process!

opsss, I also did a fast shopping. went to uniqlo since i really want to buy some tshirt! found that patty&jimmy tshirt. gonna use it for sleepwear! lol

  • 2014.06.25 Wednesday
  • 20:51


world cup

World cup is finally here!! hehe
no one in my office like soccer. that's too bad. not like I'm a fan but with such a HUGE sport event,
it's one of those excuse to have fun!! I wish i was in Tokyo!!
but actually not really..
wish I was in Indonesia(?) haha
I used to watch most of the matches before.
they always held the match in the other side of the world so I wake up early, etc
slept at 5 am like that. but this year, since i am no longer being a student, it's not possible to do it anymore T.T

I accidentaly set my alarm a t 7:57 am. miss the first half of England vs Italy match but happy to see the result!

btw, i am not actually a fan of any country so no special feeling here! lol

4 years ago as well, just wait till the final and see who the team that look more promising. haha

The popular croissant donut. it was pretty good. ugh fat!
I ate so much junk food these days! feels sickkkkkk
I need real food!

My "breakfast" hahaha. Super fuuullll

lastly, pon de matcha choco. maboroshiii fat!
  • 2014.06.15 Sunday
  • 14:54



Good afternoon! I took a day off yesterday (because it's pathetic to work on saturday),
slept in till 10 am, and go for quick shopping in Alpark.... maybe for about 45 minutes?
and saw many youngsters wearing yukata. I think there were some kind of festival around. not sure!
but it supposed to be raining these whole week. turns out the suns came out since yesterday. it's even sunny today!

My black hair has grew so fast. it's been 3 months so I dyed it just now!
I am so economically not-too-good right now so I did it at home.

I always wondering how many insects live in a house like this. haha

I cleaned the house yesterday, after a long time. I used to slean my house every week but recently, not so much.
I just quickly swipe the floor everyday but wiping it took so much energy! hah

oh, I watch akb sousenkyo yesterday just because I have nothing to do. I'm so bored..
and it's hot...

bought new cushion from franc franc for 1000 yen. my old one is still fine but it tilt a bit,
I guess my bum hurting it a lot.. haha

I have so many thing to consider in a short time. and calling my parents has been so hard these days. always end up crying! heh
  • 2014.06.08 Sunday
  • 13:41


False tooth

Hey, I went to the dentist just now. they put the false tooth in and in  30 minutes, it's done!
the color is the same like my real tooth so I can't notice any differences. it's good! maybe worth the price?

another haagen dazs. this one is pretty good but i like the stawberry one! now that I realized, it's so pricey.. everytime I bought haagen dazs, i just pretend that I don't see the price and just put it into the basket.

Today was hot. not that summery yet but the sun is absolutely shinning hard lol
took out my sunglasses if not i can't really see straight.

after dentist, went to Mcdonalds to eat the world cup limited menu, brazil's burger! haha
it was ok, i don't like burger actually, I just want to try it because of the world cup theme.hah
the italian risotto ball, sorry but I feel disgust by it. I don't really like fast food in particular recently.
guess I am not that young anymore.

went to united arrows to pick up the shoes that I've order last week.
it's Soludos! what I like is the fact they use straw as the soles. it's so perfect for summer and beach(thou I doubt I will go to one)

and since summer is just around the corner, bought a "one-piece" ........for work.
it's loosy and comfy, i think will be perfect for long-flight fashion. hehe.

right, need to go for run! haven't go for almost a week...

  • 2014.05.31 Saturday
  • 18:44



Greetings. my scary face. I went to dentist yesterday.
Next week, they will put false teeth in, it's not like I lost my tooth, it's only half of it.. and so expensive.
but after they put it, I finally can eat meat/sashimi/whatever I want. eating has been very hard for me recently. -.-

I went for karaoke after dentist. because I really want to sing let it go! lol!!
I think I sang too passionately till the staff lurking inside the room. omg so embarrasing!

I heard that mister donut is having a limited time products and it's green tea!
really wanted to try it and finally!!
it was great. I like it!!
and they are going to have an all 100 yen donuts from the 28th..
sooo gonna going back again. ><

another haagen dazs. it was ok, a little bit weird.

I went for run today after 3 weeks. I got tired so easily because I stretch for an hour before running.
my hand and legs turns red after..
I should bring back my running routine. It really doesnt feel good these days!
feel like my tights became so loose.. haha

btw, my arm.. became like a man. haha..
but I like it better than before.
it turns like that after I did my usual exercise. the day after it wont look like that.

I want to watch itteQ now! Ando Miki is on air, about to do spin on the north pole. that crazy project!
bye for now!
  • 2014.05.25 Sunday
  • 20:33


Good time

make up free on the weekend. haha

I went to Tokyo yesterday! for interview.. it was ok but I won't expect anything!! haha.

I bought many limited haagen dasz ice cream but have just eat 1 of it. i dont know but so lazy to eat ice cream recently.

in such a short time I run off to Shibuya just to go to American Apparel. I am such a fanatic but I really want to buy new short!!
I mean, summer is almost here!

and of course this cute little guy. I think I get tired of it already. hahaha

yesterday was like a dream, everything just went so fast and now I need to back to work!!

  • 2014.05.21 Wednesday
  • 19:31