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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク



not really popular thou
I like this song so much!
the lyric is just PERFECT!
but personally, I prefer this girl's voice that the original one ;)
it just gave me goosebumps!

wish that girl could debut ;D
  • 2010.08.02 Monday
  • 21:46


Super Fresh

currently listening to スーパーフレッシュ - 嵐

gonna post alot of pics :D

Today's pic is Nihon Terebi or 日テレ or NTV or Nitere
Nitere located in Shiodome,
for you Arashi fans should be familiar with Shiodome Aibaland right? :D
Shiodome is actually the place name.
it took me 45 minutes to get there from my place (Hikarigaoka)
just took toei oedo line and TADAA~ u'll get right on the spot!

Nitere and Fuji TV is quiet close, but u need to change train from Shiodome to Odaiba.

Outside of Nitere、美しいな〜 イルミナション・・

アンパンマンSHOP. It's so cute <3!

kawaii na!

Anpanman driving a car.. It's so cute cause looks like there's no space to move for him xD

Nitere shop.. i like it!! they sell Ponyo stuffs, Zoom in, 24 jikan terebi, gokusen, and some other random stuffs.. haha
I bought 24 jikan terebi t-shirt.. i use it for pajama.. HAHA!

There's this purikura in Nitere shop.. well i don't dare to try it xD
I'm a big fan of Zoom in SUPER! when i was in Japan i just watch it once!! haha
coz they air it on 5-8 AM it's time for sleep right? lol
i watched it when Arashi got the 4 award from oricon.. ^^;
well that time i need to woke up early too.. lol

Outside the building, there's this beautiful decoration.. just for christmas i guess

and if u go to 3rd floor outdoor, u can see this Zoom in super studio
I was think to back there in the morning and see Hatori san..
but in the end i just have no time n too lazy to wake up in the morning..
too bad.. i wanna meet BIRD san xD

then me n my friend walk around the building.. it's quiet hard to find the lobby..
but finally we get there.. it looks so private than other TV station..

They got this HUGE poster of Haruma Miura's drama..
i actually watched it accidentally in TV, but i should say.. it's crappy..
and if u notice that security down there..
he's FUNNY! :D
my friend was taking pic across the private location, the one that u need an ID to get in..
and he came to us and speak Japanese like "$#%^@*$("
and we was like "..........? HAI?"
and he notice that we'r not Japanese..
He think for quite a while.....
"Hm...... NG"
i was like "ffffbhuhauhauhau"
NG=Not good, it usually use for film.
he ask us to not take pic of that location.. and his face is justtt pricelesss!!
ok... i start to laugh my ass of again... xDDDDD


  • 2010.02.06 Saturday
  • 15:26



but i feel very sleepy and it's 10:17 pm
i'm working on my 3D assignment.. so sleepy..
but i manage to do some part and continue it tmrw.

SO, i went to church today after like 7-8 month skipped..
I skipped because my friend who usually go with me together was back to Indo for holiday.
Today I went there alone. (^^)/
and bought some groceries for next week meals.
tmrw going to cook curry :D
I was craving a lot of coco curry..
it was yummmmm!
I went to the one in Shinjuku, before heading to Daikanyama.
hm... unfortunately not gonna post the pic today.. ;D

#2 pic today, Japanese Train (yea it's arashi :P)

there's many advertisement inside the train, they place it in side of the door and another one is hanging on the top inside the train.

this is how the train looks like

inside the train

This one is Metro one, Japan has a lot of railways.
Metro, JR, Keio, new Keio (yeah, Keio and new Keio is different!)
last time me n my friend intend to meet in Shinjuku, and I was inside the new Keio station, and she was in Keio station. haha.. confusing.

  • 2010.01.31 Sunday
  • 20:14



Well.. it's 1:19 PM.
thou, i woke up at 12 PM. I was having a very nice dream~
anyway, today's plan is do some grocery shopping and clean the house.
I haven't even touch my 3D assignment yet..
I'll try to do it today.. :x

today's pic is........ Akasaka
don't get confuse with asakusa, yeah they do sound the same.
Akasaka is quite a stylish place.

Akasaka's station exit.

TBS building is right in the front of the exit.
it pretty normal thou, compare with Fuji Terebi ^^;

Studio Sacas in TBS.


  • 2010.01.31 Sunday
  • 11:13


#1 検索キーワードランキング

大野さんだ〜〜〜! taken from ntv website.



i kinda sad coz of that new program.. i know, Arashi no Shukudai-kun gonna end.

but i hope the best for them.

+1 pic

Narita express, from narita to shijuku. around ¥3000 and it takes JUST 1 hour.
  • 2010.01.30 Saturday
  • 18:36



Hi, yeah i'm back.
i found out that vlog is not as interesting as i imagine..
i did it for a month and good quiet a lot good feedback but
don't know.. i just feel it's not THAT interesting.

I used to said i always want to go to Japan right?
I did.
last month for the whole month in Tokyo.

i found out that it's a place that i want to live at least until i'm getting older
i didn't want to back home that time, but all i need to do is graduate from uni and move.
It's not boring there, like here in Melbourne.
I always have a lotss of things to do there, while in Melbourne, things that you can do is always the same.

I don't like Melbourne that much from the first place.. yeah anyway..
Tokyo is cool! its full of oshare people which makes me happy
you can dress up like what you want, the manner there is quiet different with here...
*in train, people don't talk. The train always come on time and they have it every 2-3 minutes for the peak time.
*They don't speak English, even if your gesture show that you can't speak Japanese, they will keep speak Japanese.. hm..
*The service there is the best, i always compare it with melbourne service..
*the food is ALWAYS good. they even have ¥200 gyudon but i didn't dare to try it alone.
*people love to drink n party, which i'm fine there coz they also order food (sorry i don't drink)
*I'm in love with a place called Daikanyama, it's oshare place, hang out place for many artist. It's really different with the crowded Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, etc. They got tons of good shops and of course it's expensive. lol
*the apartment is very expensive considered the size as well.
*beside of transport, i think melbourne is much more expensive than tokyo
*television building always be my hang out place (i recommended fuji tv and nittere for this)
*I love tsubaki shampoo, it smooth your hair, recommend
*It's full of Arashi stuffs in Tokyo
*Japanese fans are scary, they really obsessed with their idol.. i mean some of them.. :x - i went to Keikarou(Aiba's restaurant) when it's not open yet, i wanted to go to toilet and the waitress said i can use the toilet inside, the person who lining up in front of me was like suggest me to go to toilet in 7/11 nearby, but the waitress said if i can't hold it anymore than it's ok to go inside. Then, I went. my friend told me that the person is grumbling about why the waitress let me go inside. yeah i end up queuing for 5 hours-

I went to Arashi's concert on 4 December 2009 in Tokyo Dome. Accidentally met a lot of online friends, they all are sooo nice.. they are also one of the reason why i want to move to Japan. oh! i sat quite far from the stage, even it isn't on the 2nd floor. the person who sit next to me is a high school student n she's cute.. haha..  i can see her look surprise while she saw my 'インドネシア’ uchiwa.. and me n my friend was talking in English so it's obvious huh..
ah n found out that many student skipped their school for buy Arashi goods..
my boy friend was queuing up with me while he feel very embarrassed since he's like the only boy on the queue..
and we hear student talk

'hey the school is nearly start'
'ah.. i don't wanna talk about that'

hm... no good no good...

this's too long, will write about other things in next entry..

  • 2010.01.27 Wednesday
  • 17:51