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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク



Todays plan is make appointment with doctor and i got an appointment with my lecturer, she will check my essay..
1 week to go and i will be free~
i cant wait for my mom n dad come here on sunday~

I think i gonna tell my manager this wednesday that i'll quit
the reason is basically my hand..
i dont want to get any other burnt
it got infection nowww :(
i dont want to have any scar ....
my precious hand DDDD:

+1 pic
AU KDDI design park in Harajuku

i'm not in a mood to resizing pic.. haha
  • 2010.02.08 Monday
  • 09:41


Good Morning

It's 8:23 AM
just finished work.
i got 9 hours shift which is unusual.
and the worse thing is ... i get the same shift next week...

good  thing, i lost 2 kgs in like 5 days or 1 week.. can't remember exactly..
it quite fast since i stick with a meal everyday.. thou i still have chocolate n chips..
before i can resist to not eat any snack n i lost 3 kgs.. huu..
i hope i can lose 10 kgs this year..  PLEASE?

Everyone has talk about this ne~
but yesterday the AnS staff finally wrote something in their website

嵐の宿題くんは3月22日が最終回。そこで、もう一度見てみたい「C・D・G」&「宿題くん」の名シーン。最後に嵐にやってほしい面白企画なども大募集! 「番組HP&携帯サイト」 【日本テレビ】⇒【バラエティ月曜】⇒【嵐の宿題くん】

huhu.. yea but it's quite impossible to have 2 programs in the same channel
and i don't want the boys work too hard.. D:
but my love to AnS is just so big... D:
i love watching them do stupid things and silly experiment..
it's very entertaining.... D:
and Ogu-san... it's like the perfect match with Arashi..
D:.......... *cry on the corner*

+1 pic
HEY!HEY!HEY! Telephone Box in Fuji Terebi, Odaiba.

ps: dunno why but my burn getting worse, it's so itchyyyy DD: i think i need to go to clinic soon!
will update more tonight.........
  • 2010.02.06 Saturday
  • 06:23



Hey! woke up at 8.30 am today
had online class at 9.30, appointment with the lecturer at 12.00
My lecturer is really nice~
she help me with all my assignment problem.
Now i'm doing the essay.. fixing it :D
i feel very possitive after met her lol..

now i'm having this nice blueberry~
sweet n sour xD

haha random peace..

i don't really have time to put many pic on weekdays..
will post TONS of pic on weekend~

+1 NODAME CANTABILE casts sign board.

JYA ne~
  • 2010.02.03 Wednesday
  • 12:37


Angry eyes

I fall asleep while taking some break from my assignment
and i force to awake because of my assignment
There you go my angry face.. haha
i'm so sleepy yet need to do my assignment..
oh uni life... SAD

TODAY's PIC is ASAKUSA (not akasaka, ok?)
here is the famous shrine.

Sensoji Temple, it's like 10 minutes walking from the station.

me n nao~

near the shrine, there's this big golden xx
haha.. everyone called it golden unko :P

apparently it's asahi beer building, and that golden thing represent the beer

near the station there's a small shrine called kamagatadou
it's really nice, and i'm doing this for my 3D project.
making this in 3D Maya is a pain in ass...


see ya tmrw :)~
  • 2010.02.01 Monday
  • 17:32



Morning! guess what?
I woke up at 4:30 AM today.. haha!
that's mean i just slept for 4 hours.
But surprisingly I feel fresh today~
so I decided to go for walk.
I walk quiet far today.. or should i say really far?
haha.. it's like 25 tram stop.. xD

anyway, today i'm having this as my snack


have a habit to froze all berries that i bought.
Today i bought blueberry and put it in freezer :D
it taste better... for me :)

I suppose to buy come red chilli in SAFEWAY
but they don't have it!!! D:
anyway today i'm still going to make Grapaw Chicken XD

+2 pics

will post more pics later :)
  • 2010.02.01 Monday
  • 09:35



I ate this snack

and pick the chips randomly.. well obviously..

i'm so surprise that i found this green pickle looks likes

eww... this makes me never want to buy this thing ever again..... D:

ah n this is random, i watch the odoroki arashi n they did check jun's n ohno's weight n it's 62 n 57 ! haha! i'm so happy.. i thought i'm heavier than them xD
they sure gain n loss weight easily ne.. but i guess sho'kun now is on his 40kgs.. or 50.. coz he's soooooooooooo skinnnyyyyyyy... he's hard working, but hope he's not workaholic.. :(
  • 2010.01.28 Thursday
  • 20:15