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  • 2017.02.26 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


never ending tooth problem

Hello, back in Japan now..

I played with my niece on the last day. she's very very naughty but so cute ><!!

spent the days eating sweets. I've been cravings for pancakes for a long time so satisfied finally xD

Another sweets! I usually restricted myself to eat after 8 but that time I ate at 10.30 pm!
my friend keep telling me that it's only for today. oh.. cheat day.

during my flight back, I stay in Singapore for 8 hours. too lazy to go out so I went around terminal 1,2,3 many times, took shower in the airport, slept, and lost my cardigan.. T.T

The butterly garden.

whatever they called it.. I can't even remember the name anymore.. haha

cactus garden.. yea cactus. I was bored like that.

bought 3 packs of Pods! haven't eat it for a very long timee..
I almost finish it all now :x
didn't buy any other sweets, actually tempted to buy mnm but i really should restrict my sweets intake!
I weirdly didn't have sweets crave in the last 2 months, but guess what?? my mom bought me 3 packs of astor as well.. my favorite wafer stick! T.T

My dinner, onigiri from Fukuya.

I went to the dentist, they finally put the medicine in but they need to fill the low part of the tooth. if I choose the normal metal it will cost 2000 yen but very ugly, ceramics on the other side, looks like your normal tooth but it cost 35k... which one do you think I took?
well... the pretty one.
shouldn't regret later.

I finally took the ticket! still about 2,5 months to go but I am excited!
if I didn't plan any trip or event or anything ahead, my life will be very grey and I probably will just quit and go back home like right now. heh..

I need to stick with it for a bit, just a little bit more!
  • 2014.05.10 Saturday
  • 21:10


home and health issues

G'day mate!! I went back home last saturday, my flight was on midnight so I went to Tokyo for about half-day, meeting up with Amelia and Ferina

had brunch in the airport. the sandwich easn't bad actually but my tooth really made me chew extra slow so finished it in about one hour

i went to fix my phone in harajuku first(it was quick, the person who fixed it was gyaru and now my screen is so crystal clear), we planned to go ice skating.
it was my idea, you kno I went insane for figure skate right now and so much for away from home, I at least need to do some exercise!

it was another skate in 2 weeks, thou I really wish I can go everyday.. skate on the ice is so exciting!

this selfie.. Ferina was laughing so loudly it's funny

what I noticed was the kids their isn't as expert as the one in Sendai.. sendai really had so much potential for future skater..

after skate, we went to irvy place, biotop tree house at shirokanedai.

they builed a house on the tree and it was pretty. I want to go during daytime next time!

this is what it looks like from the inside

we had dinner there as well. the food was great but not filling at all despite their quite pricey price.

I didnt take any picture after so just jumped, I arrived home, spent the first day mostly sleep in and second day just went for menicure pedicure, snacking, running, stretching and another eating.
I sweat a lot it's so humid at the moment..

my dad kept buying me food.. gosh he know what my favorite but if he keep doing this I will turn piggy in a short time.

Today my mom sis n I went to visit my niece. she still doesnt notice me but she's cute when I said I will take pic, she stop there and posing xD

but she still naughtyyyyyy

hurt my knee when I run. it actually has been hurt for quite a while but today was hideous so I put some ice packing around. it's better now. my parent asked me to go to clinic tomorrow. I am now really can't stop my daily running and I hope the doctor won't say anything like that.

my teeth and my knee please heal fast!
  • 2014.04.30 Wednesday
  • 00:48



Happy Easter everyone.

I took my first paid leave for half day yesterday to go to dentist!
They supposed to extract my wisdom teeth but apparently that other tooth that always disturb me before is the real problem.
There were a lump on my gum because the root of that teeth is died and they need to removed it.

well, they did and it smells bad. ugh, I don't really feel anything but the smell just disgused me.
I need to go for another 3-4 times until they can remove it completely.

luckily they found what's wrong before I go back home.

The dentist asked me to not eat hard food, that including meat.
and me being paranoid isn't helping.
might stop eating meat for a while..

I dropped my phone when I was looking for my key in front of my apartment, and it cracked like that.
I can't help but laugh cuz all this time I always think that time will come.
will probably fix it next week.

It doesn't really disturb me so much since the worst part are on the top.

btw, I watched Captain America and Chris Evans, O M G! being too hot is a sin.
from all those Marvel heroes, Captain America is no.2 after Superman (Brandon) ;P
I like clean buffy guy xD

the story was pretty good, now we need to wait for 2 years for part 3... awful! I will be too old for Marvel.

  • 2014.04.20 Sunday
  • 20:14



random talk: my skin really getting better after using kiehl's products! like FINALLY found the perfect brand for me. just, the price is a little bit expensive. but in a meanwhile I will continue to use it!

I went to Sendai and Fukushima yesterday. for 23 hours! haha

breakfast before going to the airport! I ate banana everyday. because my stomach can't stop growling in the morning! so embarassing..

the only flight that they have from Hirohsima to Sendai is called IBEX, it's one of a partner from ANA. the plane was so small (80 seats) but flying with it was a really great experience since they don't fly too high. During the whole flight, I could see the mountain and all. Tohoku mountains are still covered in snow and it look like a white kingdom! sooo pretty.

It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to go to Sendai. Shoichi pick me up in the airport and we went for lunch.
Sendai is popular for their gyuutan(beef's tounge). it was great thou I don't really like gyutan.

Since it was saturday, the road was packed and we spend most of the day on the road. Remind me of Indonesia..

and since the Olympic just over, I couldn't help but visit Sendai ice rink (the place where Arakawa Shizuka and Yuzuru Hanyu used to trained). It wasn't as crowded as I thought.. actually not crowded at all!!
most of the people there are those kids who were on train. they all so amazing  and me, can barely walk on the ice

but you know after 30 minutes, I can run a little bit with it. at least I didn't fell!!
It reminds me on my elementary school time.
We had an ice rink in my hometown before but it closed down after 3-4 years, can't really remember but I used to celebrate my birthday with my friends there.

Shoichi who tried to imitated those hockey kids but can't xD

first skating in 10 years!

I need to buy the socks and gloves but actually I didn't need the gloves since I didn't fall.. lol!

I was thinking something like isn't it such a waste if I didn't fall for the gloves' sake while skating.. xD

The entrance and wall are full of Yuzuru's picture, signatures, etc. also shizuka arakawa has her own section for her awards. well, she is the reason why the rink can still go on business. such an inspiration!

They also got Mao's sign there!

We got tired after 1 hour skating. haha! so we went back to hotel for dinner.
the restaurant had just newly renovated so it looks nice.

it's very Japanese.

We had a 8-course meal, it was very filling since I ate some bread on the way (too hungry after skate lol)
Thank you for the treat!

after dinner, we walk around Fukushima station but all the shops was closed! they closed ridiculously early..
sasuga. haha

Today, we went out early in the morning, to go to the disaster-struck area. I'd been really want to go there since 2 years ago but didn't have a chance. I thought if I missed it this year, I probably won't be able to go anymore so this trip was very spontaneous.

while we drove around, we lost our word most of the time. can't image how the waves went destroying everything.
The rebuilding project is surely in progress but looks very slow.
I saw the temporary shelter there and seems like some people still living there.
Most of the houses there looks new, of course they just build it again in these past 3 years.
We saw many graves on the site, many.

the trees around looks very much dying, it's sad but hopefully they can plant the new one there.
We can't really see the sea since they build a wall to protect the land, in case the tsunami came again.

the place is really close to the airport so we went to airport after, it was so early so we went for souvernir shopping and lunch.

bought a sendai specialist, zunda manju, zunda is edamame.. hopefully it isn't bad.
and fukushima's most popular snack according to Shoichi, mamadoru.
for my collegues..

My wisdom teeth is killing me, on friday it was really bad so I went to the dentist after work and they will extract my teeth next week! I can't wait since it still hurts even after drinking the medicine.
it hurts so bad especially when I eat something.
is it a sign for me to stop eating snacks??? haha..
the dentist also suggest me to do braces but my only probalem is the period. If it only takes 1 year that will be fine but 3 years? hmm...

at least I will be busy for the entire month, I really want to go back home for now..
I need holiday so much.
  • 2014.04.13 Sunday
  • 18:31


the best you never had

I am not trying to exaggerated everything but I REALLY wish she won't retire this year, not this season! PLEASE!!
It was a really great experience to be a fan of figure skate, I might sounds like Japanese people here.
but watching Mao performs is really inspiring, her life could, if not yet already, make a good book! even drama!
There were this crazy rivalry for her and Kim Yuna for years, Yuna was a SUPERB performer but I just couldn't be her fan, I don't know why.
and Mao ups and downs, it just make you realised that you have to do it all, not giving up, and do your best.

I am so sad right now waiting whether she will retire or not.

Figure skate is such a beautiful beautiful sport.

nothing can beat it!

now that you have read this post, you might as well watch her performance.

(fyi, my no.2 favorite sport is swimming :D )
  • 2014.03.30 Sunday
  • 12:28



It's the time! finally able to go for run!
I went for run on thursday and friday, after work. I basically don't really have time after work so I clocked off like 6.07 or sometimes and went home. it is kinda "taboo" when you work in japanese company without staying like say 10-15 minutes after the bell rang. once in a while, that's fine but I do it everyday. hah
like I care :P

bought the pants and bra top from adidas! they were having 15% discount so why not grab one?

and this week, it's the figure skate world championship!

Javi! I like this guy so much! the best Spain could have! He deserve gold medal for his personality :P
btw, Yuzuru won the competition, by 0.33 point! second is Machida.
and one of my colleague was talking about it on Friday. about how she met Machida in Sogo (he is from Hiroshima)
but nobody recognized him, she asked to shake his hand and everyone was going "who?who? is he famous?"
his awkward situation is just like him (sorry for his fans)

I bought the exercise mat and reorganized my room. now I have more space for exercise.

the Ladies free program is on now! I reallllyyy feel sorry for kanako.
if Mao really going to retire this year, she will be there alone shoulder the nation expectation, since Akiko is retiring today.
She actually kind of hinting to retire as well but I kinda doubt it, she is not done with FS yet!

ugh ok, busy watching the competition now.

will update again tomorrow!

  • 2014.03.29 Saturday
  • 19:49


three days in Tokyo

hello! I went to Tokyo last week as we had long weekend! friday was a holiday.. and it was very crowded!

I stayed in this hotel in higashi shinjuku. it was small but very nice! I wish i can renovate my room like that.

I arrived in Tokyo and meet Pina in shinjuku. we then went to harajuku straight away :D cuz I wanted to go to nike and go crazy shopping!!

I need to meet Yuqing in the evening. we suppose to go to capybara cafe but it was 4 hours waiting! crazy people..

so we went to another cafe. Pina was there too but she need to go home earlier

there was no one in the cafe! haha

the cake is super cute!! but the taste is moderate xD

after Pina left, me and Yuqing went to Shibuya for purikura and walk for a bit :p

the purikura machine was super strangeee my face became superficial..

I wanted to eat yakiniku but it was full house so we went to negishi in the end.
but it's ok! I like their teishoku :D

shopping first day! it was windy that day so I bought some accessories from ame apa! it was cheeapp

also accidently went across quil fat bon so bought some nice florentine and cranberry chiffon! florentine was nice!!! I wish they have it in hiroshima :(

alao have been wanting to go for run! can't believe that they dont have nike in Hiroshima! sucha inaka..

the view from my hotel.

day 2, I went to asakusa in the morning with Pina!
I havent took any omikuji this year and I think asakusa has the most accurate omikuji in Japan! haha

the usual crowded asakusa.

we had lunch in a place close to sensoji.. it was pricey and taste normal..

after lunch we went around the small stall in asakusa. I bought fried manju

Pina bought kushiyakitori(?) the manju is good! as it was freash from the oil.

The sky tree! havent see it for a longggg timeee

after asakusa, we went back to Harajuku for purikura. I went shopping for a little bit.
That day was super crowded as I need to queue for 10 minute to go to toilet!
and it wasnt just 1 place.. everywhere was packed!

I left at 4 pm to meet Amelia! it's been a while since I met her.
so sad that she will leave Japan soon T.T

We was planning to go to Yasubee for tsukemen but I ate udon for lunch so wan't in a mood for another noodle.
so we went for Tonchan for samgyopsal!
it's great because I can't eat samgyopsal alone.. haha

andd another round of purikuraa

the night view from my hotel! it was pretty cool. I always like the building there.

last day, I went to shinjuku with Shuqi!! her, too, I haven't meet for more than a year.
and they were having a small parade in Shinjuku!

there were 3 horses in the front line but one of it went crazy.. it was pretty scary.

I walk around lumine and met this mascot in front of lumine 2.
everyday they have comedy live inside lumine and they were promoting it.

had Thai food for lunch! we order 2 things each and we were sooooo fullll.
we actually stayed in that restaurant for 2 hours.
had a lotsss to catch up!

another purikura!

this machine have a seat inside! and it was awkward..

lastly, siretteco before going back to hiroshima. my fav donuts!

wow.. such a long post.

i need to go for run tmrw!! before i get lazy and fat.
  • 2014.03.25 Tuesday
  • 19:20


planning trip

Happy weekend! This saturday it actually a working day but since I didn't get day off a lot in indonesia, I got extra 4 days of holiday in Japan! heh.

I recently succefully did a split but only one side. it quite an achievement ;P

I am now aiming for bielmann but it will be very hardddd since my split isnt perfect yet!

need to work hard for it!

My lunch on friday. I got sick of potato already. has been trying cutting off the carbo.

It's not like I try to eat 100% clean. but slowly..

My foundation running out so fast! last time it last like 2 years but this time it's only 1,3 years..

I bet working 6 days a week is one of the cause..

and it's expensive to buy it here. but i can't do anything since I really love chanel foundyy..

on my way back home, saw kids playing with bubble. that's Japan for you. hehe

we had quite big earthquake on friday. it way close to my place so it sway quite hard in my apartment.

especially at 2 AM! I just can't help but go back to sleep.

but then it really remind me that 3/11 might happen again and when that time come, I really dont know what to do.

so in the mean time, I will go to Sendai!

for trip thou.


hope you have a great weekend!

  • 2014.03.15 Saturday
  • 16:57


not so normal routine

hey, such a dramatic selfie. ha! I just want to show my last pic with long hair. because I cut it last sunday!

chopped it off for about 10 cm! my fringe is still uneven because the hairdresser split it in the wrong side..
but with this i think I can grow my hair long again (without going to salon too often haha)

Hm. and I am in Japan for exactly a week now but it's still freaking cold. It was snowing as well last thursday. can't believe it. I thought I won't have any more chance to see snow this year. that was really light one!

also, got a congratulation letter from the president for my 1 year in the company. they gave me cheek brush but I won't use it. sorry..

New person(not really new but he got transferred to my dept) gave me this as a souvernir. he also gave me chocolate because I helped him. he's actually one of those person in higher position but considered new in our department. and, we lost 2 people in the department. my department is a really crazy one, people who got in usually quit in a short time. so they now stop hiring and ask for ppl in another department to get transfer.

oh, I dont even realized that I bought baby blue clothes this week.

and since I haven't eat fruits for a while, bought some strawberries!
people keep telling me I lost weight and all but I actually didn't. I might say my hair style is one of the reason and another because I start working out for about 3-4 weeks now. (so.. gaining muscle+fixing my posture)
I didn't want to skip a day without it. I come to realized how stiff I was.
want to be flexible.. it takes time thou.

  • 2014.03.08 Saturday
  • 18:22


going back

Hey! My face is ridiculously pink in this pict.

Last week, I went to Bandung during the weekend, cuz my parents came there and they pick me up.
I am going back to Japan tomorrow and I got no holiday before so they want to meet during my last weekend here.

as expected, Bandung is full of culinary spots. So I basically just fattening myself there.
I ate almost everything. like EVERYTHING.
see picture above(and below)

It's pretty good !!! haha. I haven't step on a scale for 3 months. I can't imagine how much did I gain in here.
I can see myself gained so much already. T.T

anddd... you know, to think that I won't come back to this place for the second place, I probably won't meet these people anymore.

to be honest, I feel normal. it was the same feeling like when I left Hiroshima for Indonesia. well, cause there is no special feeling on both places. so everytime they asked me aren't you sad?, you really want to come back huh?, I can't really answer cuz seriously, I don't really want to stay in here or there. hah!

Anyway, these people are pretty awesome. nice pals to chat with. some of them are a little bit crazy thou!

My messy packing. I will do it tomorrow.......... haha!
Well, I don't have many clothes to wear but I bought a bag here and it consume so much space.
I bet I will deasl with aching muscle when I arrived.

I wish I can get like 1 month holiday when I go back. in your dream

Okayyyyyyyyyy... time to go back and continue the journey! I learn something in here. to be strong and be fearless!
  • 2014.02.27 Thursday
  • 22:59